Top Home Renovation Trends

Top Home Renovation Trends

Homeowners across the country will be planning to do plenty of home renovations and improvements this year. Home renovation spending is forecasted to increase by 9 percent the first quarter of this year and then rise 8.8 percent in the second quarter.

The Covid-19 pandemic, with its months of forced isolation, has given people a lot of time to think about potential changes they want to make to their abode. You might be thinking about creating more space, making upgrades, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home in general.

Here we will take a look at the top home renovation trends that includes practically every room in your home, as well as your outdoor spaces.

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Top Kitchen Renovation Trends

Kitchen Top Renovation Trends

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home where you do your entertaining, share meals together with family and friends, and it’s sometimes a temporary office while working from home.

This year’s trends for kitchen renovations feature the convergence of vintage and antiques, highlighting natural elements, and getting creative with lights. You might also be inspired to experiment with color contrasts in the kitchen.

  • Mixing in Vintage & Antiques: Upcoming kitchen trends dispel any notions of a show home. Instead, look to antiques or vintage furniture to produce a warm, lived-in home environment. What is ideal about a vintage piece of furniture is that it injects the kitchen with a surprising layer of visual interest, and it becomes a conversation piece.
  • Natural Elements: More homeowners are employing the use of natural materials in their kitchen renovations. This trend took hold during the pandemic and is expected to continue. Expect unpainted wood kitchen cabinets, granite, and marble to become mainstays in many kitchen renovations this year.
  • Layered Lighting: There is no doubt that getting the lighting right in the kitchen can often pose a challenge. However, the art of layering the lighting will play a pivotal role in kitchen design this year.
  • Customizable Appliances: Homeowners are ready to spend a lot of money on high-end appliances this year. It is all about customization and flexible design options. This type of kitchen design enables you to seamlessly integrate your appliances into your cabinetry.


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Top Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Top Renovation Trends

Many of us fantasize about making our bathrooms a luxurious oasis. This year, homeowners are creating master baths that suit their needs and soothe their souls. Hot trends this year involve adding inspired pieces of décor to the bathroom that could include a new mirror that can transform your bathroom’s look while making a stylistic statement.

  • Romantic French Provincial Style: The French provincial look offers simple beauty and rustic style that injects your bathroom with understated elegance. Try hints of mauve, grays, and subtle browns, for example, that represent the classic French country cottage look.
  • Spa-Like Features: Homeowners are making it a priority this year to use specialty features that create a spa-like retreat in their bathrooms. This surging trend will include luxury finishes like tiled shower pans that use detailed mosaic tile and euro-style shower doors featuring thicker glass. Other spa-like features might be stylish hardware, stunning low-maintenance granite or quartz solid surface countertops paired with on-trend under-mount sinks.
  • Art Deco Design-Gatsby-Inspired Elegance: The roaring twenties predominate in this year’s style trends in the bathroom with the use of Art Deco. Homeowners want their bathroom motifs to remind them of the opulence and style of this bygone era, with its clean, straight, elegant lines and geometric design.
  • Asymmetrical & Advanced Mirrors: Unique and geometric mirror shapes are one of the hottest trends in bathrooms this year. You can have mirrors with smart touch abilities, USB charging stations, and anti-fog technologies. You can be as creative as you want to be when you select the exact style of shaped frame options for your bathroom mirrors.

Top Basement Renovation Trends

Basement Top Renovation Trends

In years past, basements have typically been an unused and unutilized space. That has changed dramatically as homeowners are showing an increased interest in basement renovations. It’s all about putting this large expansive space to good use and potentially adding value to your home at the same time.

  • Open Concept is Still Popular: The open concept is growing significantly in popularity as homeowners break down walls to create wide-open and free-flowing spaces. You can leverage all of this space to create multi-purpose spaces that are open to each other. For smaller basements, consider taking advantage of not using up space with partition walls.
  • Making the Basement an Extension of Your Home: It is now becoming more common for homeowners to look at their basement as an essential extension of their upstairs living spaces. For example, you might keep the finishing the same from the main part of your house downstairs to the basement. The colors, flooring and overall style do not significantly change, as you treat the basement as just another room in your home.
  • The Perfect Sports Room: The basement is the ideal space for putting together a dream sports room because it is an out-of-the-way area in your home, and you can be as loud and raucous as you want to be.
  • Cozy & Comfortable Design: The basement offers the ultimate in privacy and comfort when you utilize it as a bedroom with a washroom, wet bar, etc. If you have sufficient space in your basement, a full bedroom might be supplemented with a lounge and perhaps a kitchenette.
  • A Home Office: Homeowners have realized that working from home requires dedicated space that is out of the way from major foot traffic and interruptions from family members. For many homeowners, they have preferred the basement for serious work needs. In a basement home office, you can enforce the rules and ensure you won’t be distracted.

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Top Living Room Renovation Trends

Living Room Top Renovation Trends

In larger numbers than before, homeowners are doing renovations to their living rooms that offer timeless décor. We seem to be gravitating toward elegant living room changes that will remain popular for years to come.

The biggest living room trends center around fantastic florals and ‘broken-plan’ living.

  • Favor Florals: The use of florals can inject a new dimension to any scheme, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. The past several years have seen the use of tropical and painterly florals, chintz, and oversized blooms. For 2022, flowers have emerged with a natural feel; imagine poppies in a field growing wild.
  • ‘Broken-Plan’ Living: ‘Broken-plan’ is a design concept that strays away from totally open-plan spaces. Because so many of us have been spending a lot of time at home, we now want to leverage the use of partial walls, screens, and freestanding furniture, cabinetry, and house plants to establish distinct zones and nest-like nooks designed to offer an escape from other spaces in the home.
  • Bring in Clashing Color Combinations: A vivid display of clashing colors can create a living room that genuinely radiates joy. Because this living space is set aside for socializing and retreating, choose shades that enliven and comfort you.  For example, you might try integrating more neutral tones to offset bold hues that are able to create a calm environment for work or study and then allow yourself to be energized for leisurely pleasure as your living room returns to its primary function.
  • Be Creative with Color Choices: Make your living room a colorful display as you’re inspired to use bright colored paints and bold accessories. This uninhibited use of colors in your living room gives you a sense of relief and escapism that you could probably use during this third year of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Have Fun with Pattern: Homeowners have decided to use pattern as an interior décor trend to infuse their living rooms with more character.  Begin with a fabric that presents a striking pattern featuring more than three colors.  Based on your fabric, select the colors that you will use in the scheme, then choose a combination of designs within that palette, such as a stripe, a geometric, a floral, and a textural option like coarse linen or herringbone.

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Top Outdoor Living Renovation Trends

Outdoor Living Renovation Trends

During much of the past two years, you have probably spent more time at home than ever before. This means you have become much more aware and conscious of ideas for using your outdoor living space differently. The central idea behind many of the latest outdoor living renovation trends is redesigning the outdoor space to create a haven for recreation and relaxation.  Homeowners are also more interested now in using their outdoor spaces to add value to their homes.

  • Functionality: In the past, homeowners set aside their outdoor spaces for mostly entertaining. But one distinct trend this year has homeowners widening their perspective as they prioritize day-to-day use of their outdoor living space. For example, practical elements such as audio technology and lighting can transform your outdoor space into a vibrant living area. Add other features like privacy walls, screens, and shade structures, along with built-in barbecues and Wi-Fi, and the basement becomes the perfect space for relaxing, working, and cooking.
  • Modular Design & Geometric Patterns: Another hot trend this year for outdoor living is modular, geometric standard patterns that are made up of clean lines and simple formats.  These basic patterns bring about a modern, uncluttered aesthetic that draws attention to furniture or other focal points in your outdoor living area.
  • Defined Rooms: Another new trend shows homeowners in favor of creating more efficient, defined outdoor spaces. Examples include setting aside outdoor space for an outdoor office, where you can lessen your stress level and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Other homeowners are inspired to have an outdoor kitchen with easy access to herbs and fresh, right out-of-the-ground veggies.
  • Monochromatic Colors with Accents: Despite the popularity of lighter, tone-on-tone palettes, accent colors, and accessories are what seem to be in vogue this year. Certain monochromatic tones, with the right choice of accent colors, can bring about a brighter and contrasting outdoor living space.

Top Home Exterior Renovation Trends

Home Exterior Top Renovation Trends

The most notable exterior house trends present various ways to curate the outdoor space in order to achieve unique character and style. Homeowners this year are marking a trend as they opt for bold design choices to elevate their home exterior ambiance.

  • Glasswork with Height: This trend calls for bringing the outdoor lighting in with elongated windows, which allows lots of natural light to come into your home. Floor-to-ceiling windows, in addition to skylights, are all the rage this year as homeowners set out to bond more with nature, even while they’re inside their homes.
  • Variation within Color Family: This is a distinct home design trend that sees homeowners moving away from contrast and approach coordination from a subtle angle. This translates into adhering to the same color family when choosing accent colors for roofing and trim. An example of this is a light grey siding with dark grey trim or light blue siding with dark blue trim.
  • Big Texture: Homeowners in increasing numbers are integrating visual texture into the home’s façade. The lure of visual texture is that, in particular areas, it makes it possible to highlight the home’s unique architectural features and bring greater interest and character to the exterior.

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