3Rs Construction’s Top Five Remodel Trends From 2017

3Rs Construction top 5 home remodel trends of 2017

Did you do a home remodel last year? With so many great new resources and ideas available, it's often hard to decide what to change next! Here at 3Rs Construction, we love an inspired remodel and we have some favorite trends from 2017. Let's review our top five!


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SPECIALTY LIGHT FIXTURES3Rs Top 5 light fixtures

Home lighting fashion has changed a lot over the years. From elaborate to effortless, brass to brushed nickel, and lamps only to lavish assortments. Choices for your lighting style have never been so exciting! You can find all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the mood of your décor. A great way to add new life to a room is to change light fixtures. When planning a home remodel, take some time to explore your lighting options.


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MATTE FINISHES  3Rs Top 5 matte finish appliances

Why does everything need to be shinny? Mix it up a little! The introduction of matte finishes to countertops and appliance is a welcome change. Texture has always been a great way to add interest to home décor and matte finish can be part of that concept. Needed kitchen repair and remodel can give you the opportunity to update surfaces to matte if you want a new look.


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MODERN FARMHOUSE DESIGN3Rs Top5 farmhouse modern design remodel

Once again, thanks goes out to Joanna Gaines for the popularity of Modern Farmhouse Design! Apron sinks, repurposed items, shiplap, and hardwood floors are all part of the farmhouse frenzy. The great thing about this new appreciation for farm-style is that it mixes well with other home décor.  You don’t have to go “all out” to enjoy this simple, rustic, and nostalgic design.


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LED LIGHT BULBS3Rs Top 5 LED Lightbulbs

A great way to cut energy costs is to replace your old bulbs with new light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The technology has really advanced to offer lots of options for every room of your house.  And, since specialty lighting is in our top five, you can reduce your electric bill for those fixtures that have several bulbs! They may cost a little more, but in the long run, they will last longer and save you money.  Don’t wait for home remodel to make this update; there’s no guilt for leaving the lights on either!


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SMART HOME TECHNOLOGYsmart home technology

Smart isn’t limited to phones and TVs anymore. Kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, lighting, door bells, garage doors, and many more home standards are getting on the tech bandwagon. The sky seems to be the limit on what you can connect to your phone or build into your walls. Be sure to plan ahead if smart technology is part of your home remodel. With such rapid advancements, you will want to make it easy to update as needed.


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So, what are your favorite home remodel trends?

Are you inspired to make some changes and updates to your home?

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Happy New Year!

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