Exterior Home Paint Color Trends

Exterior Home Paint Color Trends

Ideas For Choosing Outdoor Paint Colors

Refreshing the exterior’s paint color is a great way to breathe new life into your home. However, choosing the right shade of outdoor paint can be a daunting task. Should you go timeless or trendy? What would work best for your home?

There are numerous options available, and each one can give your home a different character. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the latest exterior trends today — and what you can expect to see.

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White with black trim Exterior Paint Trends - 3Rs Construction & Remodeling

White Exterior, Black Trim

It’s hard to go wrong with a white house. White goes with everything; it has staying power through the changing design trends, and it always looks crisp and polished. You can give this classic choice a contemporary boost by accenting with black trim. The combination creates just enough drama to be eye-catching and hip. Likewise, a white exterior gives you ample flexibility for painting the front door. Go with red, blue, yellow, or turquoise —anything can go with white.

Two Tone Neutral Exterior Paint Trends - 3Rs Construction

The Two-Tone Look

Using different tones in the same color family is another great way to go. You might pick neutrals, for example, using the lightest color for the bulk of the exterior and a darker shade for the peaks or other accent areas. This not only takes the guesswork out of coordinating colors, but it also gives you freedom for creative expression.

Neutral Beige Exterior Paint Trends - 3Rs Construction & Remodeling

Soothing, Neutral Beige

While boring beige can get a bad rap when it comes to paint colors, certain shades of this beloved neutral are a great choice. Warm, calming, and always in style, beige is beautiful when paired with white accents. Plus, it’s a look that tends to appeal to a wide number of prospective buyers.

Blue Exterior Paint Trends - 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon

Cool and Calming Blues

Add a coastal, beachy ambiance to the home when you pick cool and calming blue hues. Blue can sometimes feel like a bold choice. However, it’s actually highly versatile. With so many shades of blue to choose from, you can achieve whatever vibe you prefer — neutral, eye-catching, country, or even modern. Go with a deep navy to make a daring statement or choose a lighter shade to recall a seaside cottage. The choice is yours.

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Red Exterior Paint Trends 3Rs Construction in Salem

Bold and Vibrant Red

It’s true that red is a brave color choice, but it’s also an enduring one. With the right shade of red, you can make the house look distinct and charming. Pair it with bright, white trim to make it pop on your street.

Grey Exterior Paint Trends 3Rs Construction & Remodeling

All Shades of Gray

Both a neutral and highly on-trend, gray is another powerful color choice for home exteriors. You could go with light or dark gray, accent it with black or white, and pick a bold color for the front door to add your personality. Whatever the case, this popular color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Green Exterior Paint Trends 3Rs Construction in Salem, OR

Sage Green

Surprisingly, one trend to watch is green. However, we’re not talking about the bright green of the 70s or the pastel green of the 80s. Now, it’s sage or hunter green. This forest-friendly shade can be as comforting as a neutral, yet as bold as a navy blue. Pair it with gray and white accents to introduce one of the latest combos into your home’s appearance.

When it comes to exterior paint colors, the bottom line is that there are trends for every taste. The ideas above provide a great place to start for inspiration. You may also want to drive around neighborhoods, look through magazines, and browse the Internet to see which designs keep catching your eye. When repainting a house, you have a chance to make the style reflect your personality. Decide which color is most you, and go for it!

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