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We love color!


Bold * Subtle * Pastel * Vibrant * Textured * Shiny * Flat * Multiple * Monoton*

The variety is infinite and that's a good thing!

Fortunately, we have places to search online - like Pinterest! 3Rs Construction & Remodeling has a Pinterest page that includes boards with great ideas for inspiration. In fact, we've just created a new board called, "Color My World - Exterior Ideas" and we think you'll love the samples we've assembled.

But how do you choose the best color for the exterior of your home? We've all seen house colors that went terribly wrong and you don't want to be that person...right?

Choosing an exterior paint color is influenced by the materials and texture of your home, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Cedar Siding
  • Wood Stain
  • Stucco
  • and other building materials

Are you looking to paint the exterior of your home? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!

     3Rs Construction's Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Color

  1. Consider the architectural style and age of your home. (Here in Salem, Oregon, bungalows and craftsman style is very common. Choose differently for those styles than you would for an old Victorian style home.)
  2. Search for ideas in magazines and online.
  3. Take pictures of house color schemes you like in your home town.
  4. Pick up color charts at paint stores.
  5. Get suggestions from designers.
  6. Test sample colors in the daylight.
  7. Make sure you are enhancing your home's value. (Not making it an eyesore!)
  8. Ask your neighbors.
  9. Appropriate exterior home colors are often dictated by neighborhood associations, so be sure to check before you take the plunge.
  10. If your house was built before 1978, have the paint tested for lead.


3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Home is Where the Heart Is

Unless you have a simple project, you will want to hire a contractor to get the job done right. Good preparation is the key to getting quality exterior paint results. Remove dirt and mold, scrape off old paint, repair damage, and clear away shrubbery. A good contractor can help you navigate the process in a safe and professional manner.

3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, Oregon would love to help you color your world! If you are looking for a trusted contractor to complete your exterior paint project, please give us a call 503-363-1059 or use our online contact page.


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