PLAN NOW to Use 2018 Colors-of-the-Year in your Spring and Summer Remodel Plans

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Whether its graphic design, fashion, or home décor, there is something fascinating about color trends. It’s no different with construction. Blending trends can be really fun! From appliances to awnings, color choices are always part of the construction picture.

Schedule a Contractor Now, Then Choose Popular Colors for Your Home Repair and Remodel

3Rs Construction with 2018 Colors of the Year

If you’re planning on doing some home repair, remodel, or new construction, now’s the time to get it scheduled. Spring and summer brings opportunity to complete all the updates you’ve been dreaming about during the winter.  So what’s on your to-do list?

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Common Fair-Weather Construction Projects

O.K. the fun begins. How in the world do color trends enhance your fair-weather construction projects? Let’s take a look at some popular color trends.

Shown here are:
Pantone Ultra Violet
Fashion & Color Forecast 2018
Sherwin Williams Oceanside
Benjamin Moore Caliente
Behr In the Moment

3Rs Recommends Pop of Color Ultra Violet Door



If you’re painting your house this summer, consider using Ultra Violet as a pop of color on our front door. Bring the hues of purple to your landscaping with annual flowers. You’ll brighten up your neighborhood!


3Rs Recommends Fashion Colors for Concrete and Block3Rs Recommends Colors of the Year for RoofingConcrete isn't just for driveways anymore! There are great new options with concrete that are being used in home décor. Concrete staining and stamping can provide a multitude of options. Using pavers in various color tones is a great way to be creative with the fashion forecast colors!

Roof color is grey, right? Of course not! When choosing materials for roof replacement, color should be part of the selection process. You could incorporate the paint color Oceanside in window shutters, trims or flower boxes if those color hues 3Rs Recommends Colors of the Year for Porch Chairsare appealing.


3Rs Recommends Colors of the Year Siding

Vibrant reds like Caliente make your outdoor seating say "welcome to my home!" It's a great accent color to finish off a new deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen. An updated front porch will look refreshed with a red rocker. If you feel bold, use it on a fence or garden shed!

There are times when damage has made siding replacement necessary. New siding is like giving your home a new jacket. Ask your contractor about siding options for your home, then choose a color like In the Moment to top it off. White trim, rock work or natural wood tones look snappy with this color as a backdrop.

No matter what your fair-weather projects are for 2018, don't put off getting a reliable home contractor on the calendar. During the summer, demand for skilled construction professionals increases and their schedules fill up fast. Before you know it, you'll be back in winter dreaming about the next year's to-do list.

3Rs Construction & Remodeling is the trusted contractor you need to guide you through the decisions of home repair and remodel. We'd love the opportunity to bring your dream projects to life. And while we're at it, if you want to use 2018 color trends, 3Rs can help you with that too! Give us a call, 503-363-1059 or use our website contact page.

Looking to build a new deck, patio or outdoor kitchen? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!

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