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Radon Remediation / Mitigation by 3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Radon Remediation

You CAN’T: ⋅ See It   ⋅ Taste It   ⋅ Smell It You CAN: ⋅ Find It   ⋅ Measure It   ⋅ Remove It What is it?  It’s radon.   Radon is naturally occurring but it kills more than 22,000 people each year. According to the CDC, radon kills more people than drunk driving and, excluding…

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The Power of Kind Words

3Rs Constructions says be kind

3Rs Construction says, “Pass on a compliment!” This week 3Rs Construction received a very nice Facebook message. It was unexpected, unsolicited, and unbelievably thoughtful! For those reasons, it made the note extra special and put a smile on our faces. In it’s simplicity, it packed a powerful punch! Read it, and see what you think……

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3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon Supports Local Law Enforcement

3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon Supports Law Enforcement

Thank you Oregon Law Enforcement! Thank you for serving our communities in this time of uncertainty. Thank you for putting on your uniform and going to work knowing you’ll be walking into the unknown. Thank you for doing the hard work of keeping the peace in an unpeaceful world. Thank you for protecting us from…

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Aging in Place Remodel by 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Remodel for Aging in Place

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. Like it or not, it’s important to plan for that season of life. Just as we plan for financial retirement, we need to plan our housing needs as well. Aging in place means planning for your freedom to live where you want, for as long as you want.…

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3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon Welcomes Tamara

3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon welcomes Tamara!

  3Rs Construction has a new smiling face! We’re excited to welcome our new office manager, Tamara Moore, and you’ll find her at the front desk ready to greet you! Tamara comes to us from Fairbanks, Alaska where she has lived for the last 24 years. She is a native Oregonian and has returned to…

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“Happy Birthday America!” from 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon

3Rs Construction is celebrating Independence-Day

  Today we count our blessings.  We’re thankful to be living in an independent nation and for the freedom we enjoy here in the United States of America. 3Rs Construction would like to acknowledge the wisdom, sacrifice, and bravery of our founding fathers. Salem, Oregon is a wonderful place for celebrating the 4th of July.…

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Happy Father’s Day from 3Rs Construction

Happy Father's Day from 3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon

3Rs Construction wishes the dads in our Salem, Oregon community a very happy and memorable Father’s Day!   The lyrics to this famous song by Holly Dunn are very thoughtful and highlight what makes a good daddy so special. We hope you enjoy reading through it or listening to it on Youtube. Daddy’s Hands Song…

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Outdoor space For Your Cat?

Outdoor space for your cat 3Rs Construction Catio

3Rs Construction Building Special Spaces in Salem, Oregon Is your indoor kitty gazing longingly through the window?  It sure would be nice if your feline could go outside but you know it wouldn’t be safe from the neighborhood critters. Our local Salem wildlife can pose a threat to our beloved pets. Well, there is an…

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