3Rs Construction 2017 Annual Subcontractors Breakfast


IT TAKES TEAMWORK. Because of that, 3Rs Construction salutes our subcontractors every year at our Annual Subcontractors Breakfast. Owner Cathe West says, “We love that none of us ‘does’ life alone … and we love that we at 3Rs have an amazing team of subcontractors, vendors, customers and staff!!” We gathered at Annette’s Westgate Cafe…

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Exterior Home Color Inspiration from 3Rs Construction

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Choose Color

We love color!   * Bold * Subtle * Pastel * Vibrant * Textured * Shiny * Flat * Multiple * Monotone * The variety is infinite and that’s a good thing! Fortunately, we have places to search online – like Pinterest! 3Rs Construction & Remodeling has a Pinterest page that includes boards with great ideas for…

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3Rs Construction’s Tips for Choosing a General Contractor

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Tips for Choosing a General Contractor

You’ve got a home remodel project that needs be completed. It’s more than you can do on your own and hiring a general contractor will be a necessity. So where do you begin? How do you know who to choose? Here at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, we would love to say, “Choose us!” But if…

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3Rs Construction’s Top 5 Favorite Home Remodel Trends from 2016

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon 2016 Favorite Remodel Trends

The popularity of home remodel shows such as Fixer Upper and Love It or List It have inspired homeowners to get creative when it’s time to update living spaces. 3Rs Construction loves the inspiration too and we have some favorite trends that were popular this year. Here’s our Top 5 Countdown: 2016 Home Remodel Trends…

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Find Hidden Water Damage with a Moisture Meter

3Rs Construction Hidden Water Damage

Got Water Damage? Often the tell-tale signs of puckered sheetrock, stains, or mold growth reveal water damage that has gone unnoticed. By the time the problem is found, water could have traveled to other rooms or insulation has soak up gallons of water inside the framing of your house. It’s important to open up those…

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Fire and Water Damage Repair by 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon

When the unthinkable happens and your home catches fire not only will fire and smoke cause an extraordinary amount of damage, but the water to put the fire out is now puddled on the floor and all your possessions are soaked. Hopefully, you, your family, and your pets are all safe! The only things you have…

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The First Day of Autumn in Salem, Oregon

3Rs Construction can help you with your autumn check list

Wow! Salem, Oregon had quite the thunder storm last night! Were you prepared? Did your gutters overflow? Were undiscovered roof leaks revealed? Are your windows properly sealed? Does the weather stripping on your doors need to be replaced? Those are just a few of the items that could need some attention before the harsh winter…

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Radon Remediation / Mitigation by 3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Radon Remediation

You CAN’T: ⋅ See It   ⋅ Taste It   ⋅ Smell It You CAN: ⋅ Find It   ⋅ Measure It   ⋅ Remove It What is it? It’s radon. Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor, if you are looking to have Radon testing done today! Schedule an Appointment Radon is naturally occurring…

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The Power of Kind Words

3Rs Constructions says be kind

3Rs Construction says, “Pass on a compliment!” This week 3Rs Construction received a very nice Facebook message. It was unexpected, unsolicited, and unbelievably thoughtful! For those reasons, it made the note extra special and put a smile on our faces. In it’s simplicity, it packed a powerful punch! Read it, and see what you think……

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Aging in Place Remodel by 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Remodel for Aging in Place

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. Like it or not, it’s important to plan for that season of life. Just as we plan for financial retirement, we need to plan our housing needs as well. Aging in place means planning for your freedom to live where you want, for as long as you want.…

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3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon Welcomes Tamara

3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon welcomes Tamara!

3Rs Construction has a new smiling face! We’re excited to welcome our new office manager, Tamara Moore, and you’ll find her at the front desk ready to greet you! Tamara comes to us from Fairbanks, Alaska where she has lived for the last 24 years. She is a native Oregonian and has returned to the…

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Happy Father’s Day from 3Rs Construction

Happy Father's Day from 3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon

3Rs Construction wishes the dads in our Salem, Oregon community a very happy and memorable Father’s Day!   The lyrics to this famous song by Holly Dunn are very thoughtful and highlight what makes a good daddy so special. We hope you enjoy reading through it or listening to it on Youtube. Daddy’s Hands Song…

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Outdoor space For Your Cat?

Outdoor space for your cat 3Rs Construction Catio

3Rs Construction Building Special Spaces in Salem, Oregon Is your indoor kitty gazing longingly through the window?  It sure would be nice if your feline could go outside but you know it wouldn’t be safe from the neighborhood critters. Our local Salem wildlife can pose a threat to our beloved pets. Well, there is an…

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3Rs Construction Recommends Outdoor Living in Salem Oregon

Outdoor Living - Seating Under Rose Covered Trellis

Americans are moving outdoors! Perhaps it’s because we spend so much time in front of an electronic screen, or because we long for the simplicity of fresh air. Either way, outdoor living spaces have exploded in popularity. We’re remodeling decks and patios, sprucing up the pergola, and creating seating for solitude under rose covered trellises.…

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3Rs Construction Supports Team on a Mission

Recently, 3Rs Construction had the opportunity to help support a group of volunteers with a remodeling project in Israel. Jeff Livingston wanted to share his construction skills and time with a team being sent out by Morning Star Community Church. The team of seven traveled to the city of Bat Yam; a city known as…

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3Rs Construction Supports Red Cross in Our Salem Oregon Community

SUPPORT OUR SALEM OREGON RED CROSS THIS MARCH Did you know that March is American Red Cross month? Since WWII, every U.S. president signs a proclamation designating March as Red Cross Month. This is a valuable tradition for our country and for local communities, including ours! 3Rs Construction would like to say, “Thanks!” to our…

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How to Remodel the Brady Bunch Kitchen in Salem Oregon

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Kitchen Remodel

Name a famous kitchen. I bet that many of you are saying, “The Brady Bunch Kitchen”! You have to admit, it IS a memorable space. Memorable is fine for a TV show but not so much if you are still living in it! Wouldn’t you just love to replace that orange countertop? Upgrade the counter to a…

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3Rs Construction Top 5: Birthplace Homes of U.S. Presidents

In honor of President’s Day, we thought it would be fun to pick our top five birthplace homes of our 44 presidents of the United States. There are no specific reasons for our choices. We just found these particular homes rather interesting because of their architectural and historical uniqueness. After all, the history of home…

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