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Salem, Oregon is in the heart of the Willamette Valley where we experience four beautiful seasons. What better way to enjoy the seasons than to create a unique outdoor living space!

Consider one or more of the following to add value to your home and enhance the atmosphere in your backyard:

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3Rs Construction & Remodeling has a professional, skilled team that can design, build, and remodel your desired outdoor living space. We’ll be ready to install your new deck, patio, or fence so that you can enjoy the great outdoors!


There are many types and styles to choose from and 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is here to help!


There are lots of types of fencing to choose from. Cedar – Chain-link – PVC – Composite – Brick/Block/ or Masonry – Living Fence (hedge) and Premade Panels. We have installed all of these and found the two most popular here in the northwest are Cedar and Powder-coated Chain Link.

If you choose cedar, the thickness and quality of the cedar will play a big role in the final cost of your fence and how long it will last. There are many options and patterns to pick from, and then you should seal and or stain your fence to help it last as long as possible.

If you go with chain-link, you will need to select galvanized or powder coated. If you choose powder-coating, the fence will last longer and look nice, plus you have several colors to choose from.

Cedar Fencing

Depending on the type of fencing, material cost, terrain, and time of year, your fencing can range from $60.00 per foot to well over $300.00 per foot plus gates.

If you maintain your fence properly, including stain and sealing for wood fences, you can easily get 20 years.

Summer rates are often a little higher but not having to work with the wet ground makes the job much quicker and cleaner. Dry weather is a real advantage if you can schedule it.

It’s a balance between personal preference, what you are using it for, and privacy. The more private a fence is (less see-through), the stronger it has to be to hold up to the wind. A fence for a small pet would not need to be as high as one for backyard privacy. The best option is to think about what is important to you, why you want a fence, and then call us to see what options are currently available to give you the best result

  • Will you have a top bar and or a bottom bar – they make the fence stronger and look better too
  • Do you have pets? How close to the ground and the use of tension wires will be impacted by the kind and size of your pets.
  • Will the posts have caps, and will you want to install privacy slats?
  • How many Gates will you need?
  • How Wide and how Tall will your gates be? What does the building code say about the options in your neighborhood?
  • Will the gates swing open or slide to the side?
  • Will they open to the left, right, or swing both ways?
  • Is a single gate enough, or will a double gate be a better fit?
  • Some people choose spring-loaded hinges, and others want a remote automatic gate opener.
  • What kind and color hardware will you use?
  • Will the gates lock?
  • Will you open the gate with a key, an automatic opener, or a manual mechanism?
  • Who is going to check it for maintenance or needed repairs?

3Rs Construction & Remodeling is ready to help you install your new fence, deck, or paver patio so that you can enjoy the great outdoors. Get a Quote!


When it comes to decorative ground cover, you have lots of options, from a plain common standard concrete slab to installing decorative pavers in intricate patterns. The looks, styles, and colors will add a beautiful, customized touch to your patio, driveway, firepit, or walkways, but the key to looking good and not falling all apart is in the installation. Anyone who ever played with Legos can stack these things together, but if you want them to stay flat, tightly together, and hold their shape, you will need to up your skillset a level or two. With pavers, installation is everything if you want it to last and keep looking great.

Pavers for your Patio in Salem, Oregon

If they are properly installed and maintained, they will stay together a long time (think roman cobblestone roads).

Pound for pound, they are pretty close to the same price, but the installation will bring the cost up above a poured slab.

The pavers will have more recessed lines making sweeping a bit more difficult, and if you have trees near the pavers, the roots can surface and cause the pavers to bulge. Fortunately, you can remove some pavers, address the root, and reset the pavers. That option is not available with a concrete slab.

The only limits are in what the manufacturer has available.

We do them both and love them both for different applications. Pavers will always look nicer than a poured concrete slab, but there is less prep work, less labor, and less maintenance with a concrete slab.


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