Water Damage Restoration in Salem, Oregon

Your Water Damage Solutions Company

Contact the experts at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, OR if your home floods or you experience other water damage. Water issues can easily escalate into needless, extensive damage. Timing is important. Don’t let water damage get you down!

Got Water Damage?

A sign of water damage may be puckered sheetrock, stains, DISCOLORATION or mold growth. WATER travels QUICKLY AND EASILY and CAN be soaked up into other parts of your house. It’s important to open up walls, remove any damage, and dry it out properly.

Avoid potential damage to your home when you find a water leak has started. Even the smallest amount of water can lead to long-term damage and mold issues. 3Rs is here to remove water and the affected areas quickly from your home.

Contact 3Rs Construction, your mitigation contractor for an assessment and quote. It’s important to start the process as soon as possible.

Dealing with Mold

Mold grows due to moisture and CAUSES decay of materials like wood, CARPET, or sheetrock. EXPOSURE TO MOLD can lead to an EXPONENTIAL rise of health problems. If you suspect mold you should have your home tested and discuss a mold remediation treatment plan with the mold professionals at 3Rs Construction.

Leaking Pipes or Appliances?

As a homeowner, the last thing you need is a water leak or frozen pipe that can potentially cause water damage to your home. Keep an eye out for excess water OR EVEN A SPIKE IN YOUR WATER BILL since it can easily cause a great deal of damage.

Contact us now for a free estimate of our water damage services. We are available for emergency situations if needed.


Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance may help cover the cost if you experience water damage such as sudden and accidental damage. We can work with your insurance provider to evaluate the damage and make repairs quickly. Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling today to help you navigate through the claims process! Learn more about our insurance restoration services.

Water Damage Prevention

Reduce the setback of water damage due to heavy rain, floods, plumbing issues, leaking, AC, or your roof. At the first sign of any water leak or damage in your home, contact 3Rs Construction to do an inspection, ease your mind, and schedule any necessary repairs.



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