Environmental Disinfecting

for Commercial Buildings

Four Ways 3Rs Construction will protect Your Business During Flu Season


Owners of businesses and commercial buildings can keep a safe and clean environment by utilizing our environmental fogging services to quickly disinfect the whole space.


1.   Keeps Your Employees and Customers Safe and Productive.

2.  Minimizes Exposure by Proactively Cleaning.

3.  Protects Your Image and Liability

4.  Demonstrates Social Responsibility, so Inform Your Community!

As a responsible business owner, you can keep employees safe, protect your public image, and care for your customers by diminishing their risk of exposure to germs, bacteria, and viruses (such as annual cold, flu, and coronavirus)

When employees are sick, it creates a chain of exposure. Thermal fogging and ULV fogging (Ultra Low Volume—a cold fog) are effective solutions to break the chain of illness so that your business stays in operation. 

How much does it cost you to run your business with employees that are sick and unproductive? Your business can suffer financial liabilities if you fail to take responsibility for the health and safety of the environment.

Disinfecting is fast, very affordable ( 4-5  cents per cubic foot ), and wont disrupt your flow of business.  Your employees rely on you and your accounting and legal team thank you.

Start protecting your business today!  Contact 3Rs Construction to schedule an appointment: 503-363-1059 or send us a message through our contact page. We'll get back to you!

There is a huge demand and a limited supply of materials and time.

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Environmental Disinfecting Commercial Buildings by 3Rs Construction