Tech Must-Haves for Your Kitchen

3Rs Construction Kitchen Tech Trends for 2020

Best New Tech Ideas for Your Kitchen

Whether you are updating or totally overhauling your kitchen, now is the time to add some high-tech features that you will absolutely love.

Smart Refrigerator


Imagine a refrigerator that keeps your schedule and lets you know when you are running low on certain staples like milk, eggs, and more! One smart refrigerator will send you a text with a snapshot of what’s on the shelves using an internal camera. Another is a smart hub with a view screen on the door that will allow you to  watch cooking shows, display recipes, check the weather, rock out to your favorite cleaning jam, set a timer, listen to Audible, study for your online degree, learn a language or track your guests progress on their route to see you!. The possibilities are endless!


Smart Dishwasher


Did you forget to start your dishwasher? Get smart and start it remotely. With Wi-Fi you can monitor water temperature, get notifications when the dishes are  done, or if something goes wrong. You can even start the dishwasher with a voice command using any smart  hub device.


Smart Refrigerators 3Rs Construction & Remodeling Kitchen Tech Trends

Heated Floors


Imagine walking onto your new kitchen with a beautifully tiled floor to get your morning coffee. Your smart coffee pot is connected to your alarm and has automatically brewed the perfect cup of coffee for you. Out of nowhere you are rudely greeted with a sub-zero, arctic-worthy tile assaulting your feet and drawing every bit of air out of your lungs. Those days are  over! Underfloor heat mats can be voice activated, or set on smart timers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These little gems are affordable and will warm your floor to the perfect temperature to make the journey to your morning coffee a dream.


Heated Floors 3Rs Construction Kitchen Tech Trends

Drop-Down Cabinet Storage


Cabinets have seen the widest array of new innovations. From touch activated, auto-open, drop-down cabinets to cabinets that light up when opened. Even the old lazy-susan has been improved to not loose things in the back.


Smart Lights


Smart lights can be voice controlled, set on timers, and light up as you enter and dim when you leave. Imagine coming home from work, your dinner in your smart oven has been cooking for three hours, low and slow. The smell greets you at the door and the kitchen lights up for you as you walk in. Mmmmmmm... smells and sounds amazing!


Motion Activated Guide Lights


Last but not least, Snap Power has just introduced motion activated and Bluetooth connected  guide lights that are linkable. That means when you slip out of bed a motion sensor on your normal wall outlet will send a signal to the kitchen, bathroom, hall or where ever you want to light up the way for you without turning on any lights in the bedroom that could  wake up your partner, or  your pets




Smart range hood fans know to turn on at a specific temperature or if the humidity gets too high. It will even shut down when things return to normal. No more sticky switches from food-covered fingers or smoke alarms going off because the oven door opened.


Range Hood Fan

Faucets with a Splash-Free Stream


Imagine the possibilities of a faucet that will change color to indicate the temperature of the water being dispensed or measure out exactly the amount of water you need and at your preferred temperature – “Siri, I need 3 cups of water at 103 degrees”. Wow!


Faucets that Change Color


Avoid getting wet with a faucet that is engineered to be splash-free! It sends a stream of water within a cone of water, so you don’t get splashed as it comes out of the faucet.


Faucets that are Bendable


Change colors and shape at a whim.  Loop the loop? No problem!  You can even make your initials.


Smart Faucets 3Rs Construction Kitchen Tech Trends

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Charging Drawers


One of the newer and more popular innovations is the charging drawers. These drawers can be retrofitted to use your existing drawer or come standard in some new cabinetry. With plugs and wireless charging all concealed neatly in the drawer, you don’t end up with the whole family’s cell phones and miscellaneous charging cables all over the countertop.


Smart Drawers 3Rs Construction Kitchen Tech Trends

Induction Cook Tops


This is truly an amazing innovation in cooking. It has all the convenience of gas cooking with the cost savings and cleanup ease of electric. The incredible thing about induction is that the surface doesn’t get hot... only the pot or pan! Induction uses magnetic fields to heat the surface almost instantly instead of by thermal transference like gas or electric elements. Imagine the benefit of no dangerous hot cooking surface when the pan is removed. You can even use the surface to put any non-metal object on it and it won’t catch fire.




Now you can cook traditionally or roast with voice activation. A  bar code scanner will bring up recipes and auto set time and temperature for most common foods. For example: pull a Hot Pocket out of the freezer, wave it under the scanner and follow the on-screen instructions to prep or plate the food. Close the door, and the microwave will start cooking for the exact time and power level to make the perfect snack.


Induction Cook Tops3Rs Construction Kitchen Tech Trends

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