Spruce Up Your Kitchen – 2 Ways to Give it New Life

Spruce up your kitchen with these tools from 3Rs Construction

Try These Tools to Give Your Kitchen New Life!

What can be done to spruce up your kitchen?

  • A good cleaning?
  • New organization?
  • A kitchen update or remodel?

Help is on the way!

Use our handy clean-up list and review the great ideas for a whole new kitchen!

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Whether you do it all at once, in two separate sessions, or in 15-minute increments, this clean-up guide can help you stay focused on the goal.

FUN TIP: Find a friend who wants to spruce up their kitchen too! Schedule a day to work together on each kitchen. Not only will the work go faster, but you’ll have an unbiased helper when it comes time to purged items from your cupboards.


Supplies Needed: Your favorite all-purpose cleaner, cleaning rags or paper towels, an empty garbage can, shelf liner, organizing trays or shelves, notepad for listing items to purchase, boxes for items to give away.

Do a quick purge of the whole kitchen.

Don’t get bogged down in the detailed sorting or rearranging at this point. You know what you don’t want!  It will help to get those items out of your way for the other steps.

Empty the cabinet under the sink.

(Yes, this is the grossest part so let’s just get it out of the way…) Scrub the base and side walls. Put down a shelf liner before returning items. Wash the garbage can and other items. (Even better, get a new garbage can!) Dispose of old cleaners and supplies. Use a caddy or plastic tub to corral cleaning supplies when you put items back.

Empty cabinets that contain food supplies.

Clean all the shelves and organizational items. Throw away all outdated foods. This includes canned goods, dry goods, spices, etc. Keep a list of the items that are important to replace. Refill your cabinets... nice and neat!

Empty all your utensil drawers.

Clean the inside and the individual trays you want to keep. Put back only the pieces you want to keep and give away the rest.

Empty all the other drawers.

Clean the insides and organizers. Put back only the items you want to keep and give away the rest. Recycle old kitchen towels to the ragbag for cleaning or messy projects.

Empty all lower storage cabinets.

Clean the shelves and put back only the items you want to keep. You know what to do with the rest.  If you have items that you use seasonally, consider keeping them in another location if you have space available.

Empty all your upper cabinets that contain dishes.

Clean the shelves and organizing tools. Put back only the item you want to keep….  Add to your give-away box. 🙂

Clear off window sills, wall shelves.

Clean the inside of the window, (outside can happen at another time.) the sill and those tiny crevasses. If you have any decorative items on shelves or hanging on the wall, this is a good time to clean them up, give items away or replace them with something new.

Take everything off the countertops. 

Scrub the whole surface and the backsplashes too. Reseal stone countertops, tile and grout as needed. Now that you have cleaned out your cupboards, you may have room to put some things away and out of sight. Return only the items you want to keep and display to the countertop.

Clean the cabinet door and drawer fronts.

Use the right kind of cleaner for wood, painted, or coated cabinets.

Clean the front of all kitchen appliances.

If your refrigerator is a bulletin board, take the time to take it all off and leave just a few things. The rest can go in a scrap book!

Optional: Cleaning Inside Refrigerator and Oven

Cleaning inside always needs to be done. Make it a part of this process or another cleaning day.

Now that your kitchen is clean and sorted, you may realize that you need different types of organizational items.

As you’re cleaning:

  • Keep a list of those items that need to be added or replaced.
  • Measure your cabinet spaces, openings, and drawer dimensions.
  • Keep those with you when you shop!

Part of decorating is purging the items that don’t work and replacing them with the right thing. Maybe you need to swap out canisters, baskets, or furniture for something that fits your space and lifestyle better. There are lots of items available in home departments or you can get creative with what you already have.



If a good scrub and organizing just isn't enough for your tired kitchen, maybe it’s time to think about an update or total remodel. In that case, be sure to know what you need to make your kitchen the space that works for you and your family.

Depending on your decorating style, you may be a minimalist or like a lot on display. Either way, design a kitchen and organize the way that brings you joy and satisfaction. After all, you are the one that lives there!

Get your FREE guide to help you with all your kitchen remodel decisions!

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