Small Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades for Any Home in Salem

Small Kitchen remodeling upgrade ideas for any home in Salem, Oregon.

The kitchen is the nexus of the household for social interaction, communicating with loved ones or guests, and dining. It's the focal point for family gatherings as special memories are made over favorite culinary dishes that mark important occasions and holiday celebrations. 

So, when it comes to Salem home remodels, the kitchen is the most popular area – along with the bathroom -- to undergo change. Every year, homeowners remodel more than 10 million kitchens – that is approximately one in 10 households. 

Kitchen renovations can also add significant value to your home. And you're likely to recoup as much as 70 percent of your kitchen remodel expenses when it comes time to sell your home. 

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8 Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodel Upgrades 

No matter what type of home you have, a kitchen remodeling upgrade will enhance its aesthetic appeal and improve its functionality. Let's take a look at eight simple and practical upgrades for your kitchen so that it may better fit your personal style and suit your family's needs.

Add a kitchen island for functionality, style and adding value to your home.

1) Add a Kitchen Island

Putting in a kitchen island is one of the best ways to increase your kitchen's value. 

"Kitchen islands are highly sought out by potential buyers, tend to add more counter and storage space, and can really make a kitchen feel bigger than it is," said Donald Olhausen, owner of WeBuyHousesSanDiego. "It's also an incredibly safe investment because it's a trend that's not likely to go out of style."

By adding a kitchen island, you also increase your usable space. You can utilize it as a place for additional storage, seating, and meal preparation.

2) Upgrade Appliances

If you have poorly functioning or outdated appliances, a kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to upgrade them. The last thing you want to contend with is unreliable appliances. 

"By investing in quality, high-performance appliances now, you will reap the benefits for years to come with perfectly cooked and baked foods. When it comes time to sell your home, those professional-grade appliances will be a major selling point to any buyer," said Liz Walton, design leader and CEO of the full-service luxury interior design firm Liz Walton Home. 

Your best bet for upgraded appliances is stainless steel. It has been extremely popular for many years. Stainless steel appliances will also add much value to your kitchen. 

In order to limit your spending, avoid purchasing top-of-the-line appliance models. Be aware of the wide array of price points for dishwashers and refrigerators, for example, and adhere to a realistic budget.

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Utilize the unused corners of your kitchen to add dinning space or seating.

3) Create a Nook

As you assess the areas of your kitchen that you want to change, pay attention to the unused corners in the kitchen. Perhaps you can transform a small unused corner into a really nice nook that you can dedicate as a dining space or as a kids' play space. 

You could make your nook more comfortable by tossing in some throw pillows and cushions and maybe put in dimmable lights. 

Other ideas for what to do with a kitchen nook include:

  • Create visual interest with mirrors and antiques
  • Add a show-stopping cat tower
  • Style a corner bar
  • Install a dry bar
  • Construct a decorative shelf

Putting new backsplash has 2 purposes: protection on walls and new design.

4)  Update or Paint Your Cabinets

Your cabinets are one of the first things someone will notice in your kitchen. With all that attention, and to spruce up the appearance of your kitchen, why not consider upgrading your cabinets?

For example, updating your cabinets by painting them is a much more affordable way to refresh your kitchen cabinets rather than opting for a time-consuming and expensive replacement. For example, you could update the hardware, install sliding shelves, or add furniture legs and feet. Open shelving is another idea to enhance the visual appeal of your cabinets.

5)  Install a Tile Backsplash

Putting in a backsplash serves two major purposes:  it provides protection for your walls behind countertops, and you can utilize it as a design element. 

The aesthetic and practical benefits of installing tile backsplash include: 

  1. Protects from moisture 
  2. Enhances kitchen décor 
  3. Increases your home value
  4. Makes cleaning easier

When it comes to installing the backsplash, it is best to apply the tile to the existing drywall using thin-set adhesive. You can utilize pre-assembled strips of mosaic tile to accent the backsplash tile. 


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Replacing the faucet will enlighten your kitchen space.

6) Replace Kitchen Sink & Faucet

You should think of your faucet as the centerpiece of your kitchen. And replacing the faucet and sink will immediately enliven your kitchen's appearance.

A great option for your new faucet and sink is stainless steel. It remains a very popular choice with homeowners. You could also choose composite granite, which would also give your kitchen improved visual appeal. 

A common type of kitchen faucet is a single-hole faucet, which is also referred to as a bar faucet. They feature a narrow body style that makes them the perfect selection for a wet bar area. This particular faucet style would ideally suit any room in your house that has one hole in the countertop. 

Pullout spouts are also in vogue, which has replaced separate sprayers. You might also consider soap and water dispensers that are mounted beside the faucet.

7)  Create a Multi-Purpose Work Area

As more people continue to work from home and workers telecommute in unprecedented numbers, a multi-purpose work area such as a kitchen remodel might be a great idea. 

Many homeowners who work have become accustomed to performing their job functions at home, as it allows them to take care of their families while juggling professional responsibilities. A multi-purpose work area in the kitchen is the ideal solution to remaining productive with the job while also tending to household tasks. This improvised workspace will absolutely add value to your home. 

You might think about adding a workspace by using your kitchen countertop. You could save money on your kitchen remodel by just changing a section of your existing countertop to accommodate your work needs, allowing you to avoid paying additional renovation costs.

Give your small kitchen a brand new look with countertops.

8) Install New Kitchen Countertops

Replacing, refinishing, or resurfacing your kitchen countertops can give your space a whole new look. By updating your countertops you will give your kitchen a beautiful new look and can increase the selling value of your home. 

There are a wide variety of materials for kitchen countertops that will fit a range of budgets. Some of the most popular choices are granite, quartz, and marble.

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