5 Design Elements to Consider When Remodeling Your Dining Room

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It’s time to start planning for the Holidays.  thinking about meals with family and friends is motivational and when meals or entertaining become the focus, kitchen and dining room space (or the lack of it) becomes an issue. Combining a kitchen and dining remodel  makes perfect sense but if that’s not in your budget, giving your dining room a facelift may be just the ticket!

Updating your dining room is a great way to make it more functional for your lifestyle. The “Open Concept” or “Great Room” in home design is popular because of its ability to create versatile space for entertaining. Whether grand entertaining is your goal or small intimate gatherings are your thing, consider these five foundational design elements when you plan a dining room remodel.

1. Architectural Style
2. Flooring Options
3. Wall Finishes
4. Lighting
5. Furnishings

Architectural Style 3Rs Construction

Any single-room remodel in your home should be influenced by the architectural style in which it was built. If you have a 15 year old craftsman style home, a modern Asian update would probably feel out of place. Your update should feel seamless and like it belongs with the rest of your home design, especially if you are connecting to an existing kitchen or removing walls.

Flooring Options 3Rs Construction

Consider how you live when you choose flooring! Do you have pets or children? Do you live on a farm or a townhouse? Do you like to clean or do you do the very least to keep things nice? There are options available that are best for YOU! Do your research on flooring materials and ask your building contractor for recommendations. Function will make all the difference on how much you enjoy your new update.

Wall Finishes 3Rs Construction

Whether you are adding or taking out a wall, make sure you don’t overlook the wall finish. Even if all the other rooms in your house have a basic painted finish, you can be more creative if you want! How about a stylish color for an accent wall? Bead board wainscoting? Textured wallpaper? Again, the style of your house should influence your choice. Need ideas? Check Pinterest!

Lighting 3Rs Construction

Lighting for your remodeled dining room isn’t just about the chandelier, (although it can be a major statement piece). If there is no natural light, then maybe a window or glass door would be a nice change.  Transitions from your kitchen could include pendant lights that complement your chandelier choice. Give yourself the option of alternate lighting such as dimmable sconces or rope lights in a pan ceiling or crown molding.

Furnishings 3Rs Construction

The centerpiece of your dining room is your table and chairs. If there is something you really like, design your dining room around its size and shape, otherwise, choose something that suits your entertaining and daily living style.  If most of your meals are a free-for-all and your guests mingle about the room, then something tall and narrow could be the perfect choice. If you prefer a sit-down meal, a table that can adjust in size may be better. Chairs, benches, stools, matched, or mismatched, make the choice that blends with your décor.

Don’t forget about storage if you need it. A hutch, bar, built-ins, or shelving can make a big difference in the function of the room. Just don’t make it too crowded. Furniture should fit the scale of your space so that you and your guests have room to move about!

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