Kitchen Remodel, Overhaul or Mini Update?

3Rs Construction can help you with a total kitchen remodel or mini update

Get A New Kitchen Piece by Piece or All at Once


Whether you are buying your first fixer-upper or remodeling your current home, the time will come when the kitchen will need an update. The question is, should you make due and update piece by piece or take the plunge and remodel in one big overhaul?

If cost is your main concern, then all at once is your best option.


Are you looking to update, overhaul or remodel your kitchen? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!

Let’s take a look each piece of our 200 square foot sample kitchen.

  • Flooring - Luxury vinyl tile floor
  • Cabinets - Cherry Solid Wood
  • Countertops – Granite
  • Fixtures – Contractor Grade +
  • Appliances – Contractor Grade +
  • Windows – Low E Vinyl
  • Paint – Ceiling, Trim, and Walls.
  • Lighting – Contractor Grade +
  • Sheet Rock
  • Trim
  • Permits
  • Clean Up
  • Dump Fees
3Rs Construction Kitchen Remodel Dost Difference Chart

Weigh out all the differences in both options:



  • Less expensive
  • Quicker
  • Everything matches
  • Finished product lasts longer
  • Less time with your kitchen out of commission
  • More uninterrupted use of your finished space


  • Requires an up-front investment



  • A good option if you can’t get a loan or save the money you need. (If you can't do it all... don't give up! Some is better than none.)


  • Takes substantially longer
  • Costs more
  • Inconvenience of using unfinished space
  • Risk of desired products and building materials going up in price or being discontinued

3Rs Construction & Remodeling wants you to have the kitchen that inspires you and functions the best for your lifestyle! If you'd like some help with a total overhaul or a mini update, we can help you invest your budget wisely.

Contact us through our website or call today!  503-363-1059

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