Its National Homemade Cookies Day…Let’s Talk Kitchen Ovens

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Are you an avid baker or do you just eat the store-bought cookie dough right out of the tube? Is your kitchen oven sending out aromas that make your mouth water or are you smelling the burnt overflow of last night’s dinner?

Maybe baking isn’t your thing or perhaps you’re ready for a new oven as part of a kitchen remodel! An oven is a foundational appliance for how you work in your kitchen. Entertaining is a big factor in today’s home design so when you’re planning a kitchen remodel, think about how you cook and bake.

3Rs Construction suggests these three things when choosing a kitchen oven:


This may depend on your preference and if gas is available in your kitchen space.


A small kitchen may mean you will need a new range with oven rather than a wall oven.


Oven variety is broad so the cost will vary. Determine your priorities when choosing what you want for the budget you have.

If you are the go-to place for family dinners and neighborhood parties, then you may want to consider a professional grade oven and stove. Warming drawers, double ovens, and dual conventional/convection ovens are great options for your kitchen too.

For those of you who just want to get your food cooked, a traditional range oven with self-cleaning features and a hidden bake element would be just right.

Of course, a kitchen remodel for either type of family would probably include a microwave oven. The only thing 3Rs Construction & Remodeling wouldn’t recommend is an Easy Bake Oven. That would just be silly!

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, give 3Rs Construction & Remodeling a call at, 503-363-1059 or use our online contact page. We will set up an appointment for a free estimate and help you determine what options are best for your project.

So, 3Rs Construction wishes you a very happy National Homemade Cookies Day. If you want to share your favorite cookie recipes with us that would be fun. Even better...the cookies!

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