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Kitchen Cabinet Trends found by 3Rs Construction at IBS

What’s HOT in Kitchen Cabinets


A great way to give your kitchen new life is to update your cabinets! Whether you do a complete overhaul or resurface your existing cabinets, these fabulous trends provide an abundance of inspiration!

3Rs visited the International Builders Show (IBS and KBIS) where we had the chance to see the best in construction and design ideas. Included in the thousands of displays, were wonderful kitchen vendors with the latest trends in cabinetry.

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We found that cabinet trends fell into these four categories:


  • Navy Blue and Other Dark Colors

Dark blue, green, grey, and even black have found a home kitchen cabinets! This is a great choice is you have plenty of natural light coming into your room.

  • Barely-There Hues

If dark colors aren’t your cup of  tea, softer hues of blues, greens, and blush are wonderful options. These choices look great in a country kitchen but can also look quite modern in a sleek cabinet style with no hardware.

  • Upper and Lower Different Colors

This trend of different colors of paint for upper and lower cabinets still remains strong. What’s new is the use of color options rather than just grey.

  • Natural Wood

Wood is making a come-back in an updated method. Many cabinets look great with the wood grain around the door frame with the middle insert in a color. Wood accents in light to dark finishes provide a warm feeling to your kitchen space. It also works well to incorporate wood with different upper and lower cabinetry.


  • Gold-Tone Hardware

While multiple options in cabinet hardware is abundant, gold is king in 2020 and 2021!  Brass or gold-toned pulls and knobs look modern with the trends of darker colors and classic with white. Choose shinny or satin, either way, it looks fabulous!

  • Textured Metal Inserts

Glass inserts are still a wonderful option do show off your dish collection, but now you can consider metal inserts. They come in a variety of finishes and shapes to compliment you personal style. Using inserts in just a few cabinet doors adds interest and texture to your overall kitchen look. Don't forget to add some lighting too!


  • Less Trim and Molding

Less is more with cabinet molding.  To move away from a formal look, choose to eliminate the trims and concentrate on the color and style.

  • Shaker Style

Standing the test of time is the shaker style door. It goes well with everything and cleans up nicely. Again, experiment with color, wood accents, and different colored uppers and lowers, and you can’t go wrong.

  • Flat Fronts and No Hardware

With the growing interest in Mid-Century Modern styling, flat fronts with little or no hardware is more popular. Light wood tones and color accents bring back that 70s vibe. This is a great option for a more contemporary look!

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  • More Drawers

Adding more drawers to the lower cabinets provides easier access to the things you need to store. It ’ a much more efficient  use of space but can cost a little more. You’ll need to determine how important it is for you to reach those back spaces where bowls and pans can get lost!

  • Open Shelves

Depending on your lifestyle, open shelves may be a great fit or a curse!  They look awesome and sleek and provide an open “airy” feeling to your kitchen. If you are a minimalist or have a lovely collection, open shelves look great! For those who struggle with clutter and mismatched dishes, consider a minimum of open shelving. If you have a storage pantry, use open shelves for the things you like to have quickly at hand or your cherished collectibles.

  • Specialty Storage

Cabinet makers have come up with a wide assortment of options for organizing your spaces. Pull-outs, inserts, and dividers for every purpose are available to make your life easier.


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Among other trends, Elle Décor references some beautiful options for kitchen cabinets. Some of the trends include cool accent colors in a white kitchen, gold-tone hardware, navy blue cabinets, an updated modern look for natural warm wood, and sleek cabinets without extra moldings. If you have beautiful dishes or a collection of vintage kitchenware, open shelves continue to be an option to closed cabinetry.

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