What’s the Best Countertop For Making Your Turkey Dinner?

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Ready for new countertops... or... a whole new kitchen?

There are a lot of fun decisions to make with home remodel, including which countertops are right for you! 3Rs recommends choosing products based on the way you use your kitchen.

With thanksgiving on the horizon, we decided to rate the most popular countertops against Thanksgiving dinner. We're sure it will make you hungry for a kitchen update as well as a delicious meal!

Here are some findings from 3 decades of experience:

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving meat


This is great for scratch resistance and easy clean-up. When you're cutting up meat or sprinkling on the spices, granite serves up very well.

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving potatoes

Stainless Steel or Good Granite

You can cut, peel, and prepare those spuds and yams to perfection. When they're perfectly cooked from the stovetop or oven, put the dish right on this surface without worrying about damage.

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving cranberries


Beautiful red cranberries are the perfect complement to your turkey dinner, but you don't want to leave a stain behind. Granite resists those juicy berry stains, so you don't have to worry.

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving stuffing


Chop away on all the celery and onions for the savory stuffing. Knife scratches won't be a problem when your sous-chef is by your side. Plus, clean-up is a breeze!

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving baking


This natural stone acts like Teflon for dough because it prevents caking. You only need a tiny amount of flour when rolling dough. Hot biscuits, cookies, and other baked goods can cool without sticking.

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving corn

Stainless Steel

Husk, clean, then dump your hot corn right on the stainless steel. Starches from corn leave a cloudy film that can easily be seen on stainless but overlooked on other surfaces.

3Rs Construction Countertops that work well with Thanksgiving pie


...let’s face it, any surface is good for pie! 

Marble is a near perfect countertop for baking and pastries but be cautious about pie fillings because they will stain.

At What Temperature Can Your Countertop Fail?

3Rs Construction Countertop Heat Resistance
3Rs Construction Countertop Tolerances Chart

Are you ready for new countertops or a whole new kitchen?



PRO: It's in-expensive and tough, made from resin and kraft paper.

CON: It can scratch or chip, not good for heat exposure, and has a low resale value for your home.


PRO: Custom colors are available, and it can be delivered polished and ready to install in lengths up to 10 feet.

CON: It's brittle and susceptible to cracking. Regular sealing is required to prevent staining.

Wood / Butcher Block

PRO: It looks beautiful and it has a natural antibiotic effect! Wood prevents 99.9% of bacteria from reproducing so they die off in about 3 minutes.

CON: Wood shows knife marks, burns, and it stains easily. Regular maintenance is a must.


PRO: Tile has a durable surface that can handle cutting, heat and cold.

CON: The grout needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly for it to look nice and prevent bacteria from growing on it.

Glass (recycled)

PRO: It looks good and is sustainable.

CON: Temperature tolerance depends a lot on the glass used. Most can handle about 150 degrees without hazing or cracking. Glass does not like transitioning from hot to cold quickly.


PRO: This surface is very easy to clean, and it won't crack or split.

CON: Stainless radiates heat quickly and makes the workspace a burn hazard. It also shows fingerprints.

Solid Surface

(Man-made: Corian, Quarts, Silestone, Zodiaq)

PRO: There is a wide selection of colors and patterns. Man-made surfaces are sometimes repairable.

CON: They are made with resin and have VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) concerns. If heated they can discolor and stain. They react poorly with some acids, show knife marks, and can become brittle.

Natural Stone


PRO: This stone is considered the near-perfect surface for baking and making pastas.

CON: Marble is a soft stone that will stain, and show cut lines


PRO: This is the best overall product for being resistant to heat, staining, and breakage.

CON: Granite is not predictable or consistent with colors or patterns.


PRO: This stone has a hard surface that handles cold well. Slate can be cut thinner and is the least likely countertop to stain.

CON: Slate is brittle, and it doesn't handle impact well. Color options are minimal.


PRO: It can handle hot pots, is stain resistant, and has unique warm color tones. Soapstone can also be refinished.

CON: It will show knife cuts and scratches.

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