Steps to Take to Avoid a Complete Roof Replacement Before Your Roof Really Needs One

Avoid a Complete Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is not necessarily always the best option for tending to roof problems. Roof replacement may not be feasible or even practical, depending on the emerging issues when it comes to roof damage.

You can take steps as you identify issues and have maintenance service performed on your damaged roof. This is a guide to what minor or moderate levels of damage your roof might sustain that may require a repair while postponing a roof replacement option.


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Cracking & Curling Shingles on a Roof - Time to Replace

Top Roofing Issues That Could be Resolved with a Repair & Allow You to Postpone a Roof Replacement

Wind Damage

Wind damage to your roof can leave exposed spots and can damage or lift shingles. A lifted shingle because of strong winds may have loosened the sealant and potentially the nails; translation… you need a roof replacement.

But if the issue consists only of exposed spots on your roof, then a repair is likely sufficient to take care of this problem. In fact, this would be a modest roof repair that should not take a lot of time to address.


If you are experiencing cracking shingles on your roof, these shingles would have to be replaced. But if the damage is relatively isolated or in a concentrated area, you could be spared the chore of a complete roof replacement.

Having your roof inspected regularly would enable you to discover cracking shingles early on, preventing a large-scale shingle replacement job and a roof replacement.

Curling Shingles

Spotting curling shingles on your roof could point to a significant issue, such as leaking. That could mean it’s time for a roof replacement. However, shingles might also curl if they are not lined up correctly, are old, or are poorly installed.

You will more likely be looking at a repair instead of a replacement if you have several shingles that have curled. Also, if this problem occurs in isolated areas, you could get away with a repair that will take care of the problem for a while.

However, it is worth noting that curled shingles could signal the end of the roof’s life, especially if your roof is 15 years old or older. Therefore, in the longer term, it is advisable to have a certified roof professional come to inspect your roof periodically to ensure those curling shingle repairs are still doing their job to protect your home from damage.


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Remove Moss on Your Roof in Salem, Oregon

Moss on the Roof

Far and away, the most common enemy of your roof here in the Willamette valley is moss. Moss starts small, and before you know it, there is a carpet of green on your roof-top. It is normal to have more moss on the North facing slopes, and that plant is doing its very best to destroy your roof. The roots knock off the granules, weaken the shingle, and cause the edges to curl. When it rains, water backs up behind the moss clumps and runs uphill into your roof rather than straight down as intended. If you are comfortable on ladders and not concerned about heights or falling, there are a number of moss control options you can do yourself, including adding zinc strips to the ridge cap. This is part of your regular maintenance and should be done as often as you see moss growing there.

Missing Granules

Although mineral granules could seem like nothing more than a decorative accent, they serve as an additional protective layer to the shingles on your home. These mineral granules assist in protecting your roof from excessive sun exposure, which can eventually lead to damage and quickly bring about the need for a roof replacement. Granules will also add increased fire resistance to your roof and help route the water down to your gutters

The good news is that shingle granule loss does not necessarily mean you need a roof replacement. Based on the level of granule loss and the age of your roof, you could simply replace the individual damaged shingles and forego a roof installation.

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Repair a Leaking Roof in Salem, Oregon

Roof Leakage

While knowing that even a small or isolated leakage incident could cause substantial damage to your home, a repair should work fine in most cases, especially if there are just a couple of minor leaks. A roof leakage could be caused by several issues, some of which are adequately resolved with a simple repair.

Conversely, multiple leaks or signs of damage to your roof might mean you will need to replace your roof as soon as possible. The sooner you or a professional roof inspector spot any evidence of roof leakage, the better, and the more likely a repair will take care of the matter.

No Chimney Cricket

Without a chimney cricket, debris will build up over time behind a dam that a wide chimney forms on your roof. This can bring about rusted flashing and dry rot. If your chimney is wider than 30 inches, it requires a cricket or saddle – essentially a small roof built behind the chimney.

If your chimney cricket is installed correctly, it will funnel water and debris around the chimney and off the roof. But without a chimney cricket, you should be on the lookout for holes rusting through the flashing.

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Chimney Cricket is important for your roof
Steps for a Roof Replacement in Salem, Oregon

Advantages of a Roof Repair Compared to a Roof Replacement

  • Roof repairs are more affordable
  • Roof repairs could extend the life of your roof
  • Repair jobs typically take a short amount of time to complete
  • Some repairs can be done even when it is raining

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If you want more details, we encourage you to read Duane’s blog post, “Roof Repair and Roof Replacement FAQS.” He answers 11 important questions about roof maintenance, as well as repair.

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