Preparing Your Home for the Spring Real Estate Market – PART TWO

Prepare Your Home for the Spring Real Estate Market

Repair and Remodel for the Best Home Presentation with 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, Oregon

Aahhhh…   SPRING!

After a crazy Salem winter, we’re ready for the fresh start that a new season brings. We look forward to the time we can open up the windows and let the fresh air flow in! It’s also the time that the real estate market grows in intensity. If you’re going to put your house on the market, that means doing projects beyond spring cleaning. It means presenting a healthy home that is in good repair and making sure your house looks its very best.

In part one of Preparing Your Home for the Spring Real Estate Market; we focused on the health and safety of your home. We covered mold and radon because of the inspections that may be required for the buyer.

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Remodel and RepairIn part two, we’ll discuss the importance of repair and remodel so that your house highlights its best features, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Not all homes will require a lot of remodeling but an extensive list of repairs can add up quickly. Don’t let your list be discouraging, a contractor like 3Rs Construction can work with you to check off each item.


Showing a house in good repair demonstrates you have cared for your home. This gives a buyer confidence that they are getting a house with few troubles. It also makes the final inspection process go quickly before the sale closes.

Unless you are selling your house as a fixer upper, you’ll want to check the condition of these items:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom faucets, drains, and plumbing
  2. Appliances and electrical systems - make sure outlets have covers
  3. Light fixtures – install working light bulbs
  4. Doors, drawers and their hardware
  5. Flooring – look for tripping hazards
  6. Sheet rock and wall coverings - wall paper, wainscoting, bead board
  7. Trim work - baseboard, crown molding, window and door trim
  8. Windows – check for cracks, leaks, and seal
  9. Ceilings and beams– look for cracks and discoloration
  10. Countertops and other hard surfaces


Most of all, nothing can replace good old-fashioned elbow grease! Make sure everything is clean and tidy. Some buyers may not mind making their own personal cosmetic changes.

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Repair & Remodel in Spring

If your repair list gets too long or beyond what you can do for yourself, 3Rs Construction offers reliable home repair service. We can work with you to complete your repairs on time and on budget.

Looking for reliable home repair service ? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!


When home remodel is necessary, you will want to plan your construction carefully so that you get a good return on your financial investment. The most common rooms that need updating are kitchens and bathrooms because they get the most wear and tear. Also, decor and design trends affect them significantly.

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Bathroom Remodel

So... what home remodel projects should you consider to attract the right buyer?

  • If you have an old house, you may want to keep the vintage charm but add some modern kitchen and bathroom conveniences.
  • Homes that are 20ish years old may require updated appliances, countertops and light fixtures.
  • Open floor plans are all the rage these days so removing a wall for a broader site-line will make your house feel bigger.*
  • The thing that gets the most abuse in our homes is the floors! Replacing worn carpet, laminate, tile, and vinyl make a big difference. Refinishing hardwood will bring new life to any space.
  • Paint, paint, paint! This can be time consuming if you have repair work but it will brighten and clean up the walls of a sad room. Fresh paint is a great way to update if you have a small budget. Remember to pick neutral colors!
  • (The bonus of new flooring and paint is that it will remove any lingering odors that may turn away buyers).

Home remodel requires professional skills and knowledge. 3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Repair and Remodel*Don’t start tearing out walls without checking structure, electrical and plumbing. Licensed contractors like 3Rs Construction know the proper methods and building requirements for a safe and beautiful remodel of your kitchen and bathroom.

What’s Next?

Salem, Oregon has a great selection of real estate agents available and the one you choose can help you determine the home repair or remodel projects that need attention before you put your house on the market.

3Rs Construction Management Salem Oregon3Rs Construction & Remodeling is a licensed general contractor with the experience required when considering kitchen or bathroom repair or remodel. The professional team at 3Rs is proud and honored to serve the Salem, Oregon community. Contact us by phone, 503-363-1059 or use our online contact page to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to speaking with you!

Up Next: Our finale … Part Three of Preparing Your Home for the Spring Real Estate MarketEnticing Curb Appeal

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