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Outdoor space for your cat 3Rs Construction Catio

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Is your indoor kitty gazing longingly through the window?  It sure would be nice if your feline could go outside but you know it wouldn’t be safe from the neighborhood critters. Our local Salem wildlife can pose a threat to our beloved pets. Well, there is an answer and you may have heard of it. It’s called a catio. Yes, a patio for your cat!

3Rs Construction Catio - Cat Patio

Your Cat + Patio = Catio!

Catios are a rapidly growing trend among cat owners and that includes animal guardians right here in Salem, Oregon! Catios can be as unique in size and shape as the cats who enjoy them. It all depends on your available space, your budget, and your specific needs.

While there are small kits and portable outdoor enclosures available, building a unique catio for your home may be exactly what you need. 3Rs Construction & Remodeling recently finished a very special outdoor pet space for a client that we thought you would enjoy seeing.

It started with an existing small deck out the back door and grew into the purrrrrfect pet paradise for their furry friend.

Catio 3Rs Construction

When building a personalized catio, 3Rs Construction suggests that you address these 10 creative options in your design:

1 - Install a cat door in the wall of your house.
2 - Add posts and ramps for the cat to climb on.
3 - Incorporate perches at different levels.
4 - Include scratchable building materials.
5 - Have a few hiding places.
6 - Include space for a litter box.
7 - Plant pet safe foliage.
8 - Provide water, but be careful about food (it may attract unwanted pests and bugs).
9 - Build in a people door.
10 - Make space for yourself if you want to participate in your cat’s outdoor experience.

Catio - Cat Patio in Salem, Oregon

Most important, 3Rs knows you want to have a space that is safe as well as fun for your cat. We can help you make the right choices for your family friend.  If you would like to build a catio (or for you dog lovers…a dogio...or a bunnio, ferritio, turtlio… you get the idea) please contact 3Rs Construction by phone, 503-363-1059 or leave us a message at our website.

3Rs Construction can also build beautiful home spaces for people too!


A Home For Your Feline Friend - Check out the space we did for our client!




As you know, too many cats are born without homes. A catio can help prevent unwanted litters that become a problem. Spay or neuter your cat to help control the cat population. If you’re looking for a new kitty or adult cat, 3Rs suggest visiting Friends of Felines located in Salem, Oregon. They can help you find a great new family member for your home!

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