5 Reasons You Need to Inspect Your Roof, Attic, & Crawlspace Immediately After a Storm

Home inspection for roof, attic, & crawlspace after a storm in Salem, Oregon

With heavy rains, snow, and ice in Salem, Oregon, now is a great time to inspect your roof, attic, and crawlspaces for damage if you haven’t already. Ice prevents water from draining away naturally and so it will force water to run into areas of your home that are typically not at risk.

Why Should You Check Your Home Immediately After a Salem Storm?

1. Extreme cold can crack or split pipes, creating a gusher or a slow drip that may go unnoticed for weeks or even months.

2. Insurance will often not cover damage that you can not prove was caused by a weather event.

3. Animals seeking shelter will take up residence in your walls, insulation, crawlspace, and attic.

4. Plugged or damaged drains can keep water from drying up or draining to the outside.

5. Excess moisture will leave you with a dangerous mold problem, and dry rot repairs.

DIY Home Inspection Tips

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Inspect Your Salem Home Now

Finding problems now could save you thousands of dollars in repairs later. 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your professional contractor in Salem, Oregon, is here to help!

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