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Fix Broken Water Pipes in Salem, Oregon

Homeowners in Salem, Oregon do not too often face the possibility of frozen pipes. Salem residents, located in both Marion and Polk Counties in the Willamette Valley are blessed with year round moderate temperatures. Rarely do we see more than a trace of snow and temperatures below freezing are few and far between. Periodically we get an Arctic blast that results in sub zero temperatures for several consecutive days. When this happens 3Rs Construction & Remodeling gets a surge in calls to deal with broken water pipes. A broken water pipe can be a small inconvenience or a catastrophic event that affects much more than your finances. The experienced staff at 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon is ready to help you get through your broken water pipes and back to enjoying the beautiful Willamette Valley. Let's start with the fundamentals.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you have a water emergency call 3Rs Construction & Remodeling at 503-363-1059 or our 24 hour dispatch line at 503-409-2627.

The best money you can spend on repairs is spent on preventive measures. If you take some precautions, you will be able to avoid having to call 3Rs Construction in Salem to come fix your broken water pipes. Electric pipe warming tape is a very effective means to prevent water pipes from freezing, but this is not a cost-effective approach to combat the small amount of ice we receive here in the Salem area. The knowledgeable staff at 3Rs construction recommends pipe insulation on all exposed pipes in the house. Another preventive measure you can do at home is to cover or close the foundation vents during cold weather. Remember ... airflow under the house is an important part of protecting the structure and vents should be closed only during the coldest periods of the year.

Tip #1

Cover your hose bibs with an approved insulated cup. These small insulated cups will protect most outside exposed water lines from freezing under normal conditions.

Tip #2

Allow water to drizzle through the night. Movement prevents the water from freezing. Remember that if you are running this water outside it will leave quite the ice hazard.

Tip #3

If you realize you have a broken line remove the lid to the water meter (this is usually located in or near the sidewalk) and shut off the water supply to the house. Then open all of the faucets and hose bibs to allow the excess water to run out of the system.

Tip #4

To thaw a frozen pipe use a hair dryer or heat gun.

****IMPORTANT****   Be certain the heat source is connected to a GFCI protected outlet and DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME. Salem area Firefighters get more calls than they want to put out fires caused by people who accidentally set fire to their homes trying to thaw the pipes and then have no water source to fight the flames before they get out of control.

Tip #5

You can stop the flow from your Broken Water Pipes yourself, but if you need help... call the professionals at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling at 503-363-1059 or for emergencies call 503-409-2627 or visit our website at www.3rsconstruction.com. We can talk you through your problem or dispatch a repair technician.


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