5 Reasons To Re-side Your Home

3Rs Construction 5 Reasons to Re-side Your Home

Benefits of Re-Siding


1.  Protects your Home from Water Intrusion
2.  Keeps Mold and Dry Rot out of your Framing
3.  Supports the Structural Integrity of your Home
4.  Adds Value and Looks Great
5.  Keeps Insects and Rodents out


You spent a lot of money on your home and you want to protect it!

Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor if your home needs a siding update today!

It shouldn’t be so hard for Salem/Keizer homeowners to protect their investment. With an average of 2,000+ homes needing siding and over 7,000 needing paint each year and only a handful of contractors working during supply and labor shortages, the remaining 11 weeks of summer and fall are going to be busy!

5 Reasons To Reside Your Home

We can help, but you need to get on the schedule before it’s too late.

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