Five Home Remodel Projects That Are Great For The Summer

3Rs Construction Repair and Remodel good ol summer time

Ahhh... the good ol’ summertime!

The change of season is invigorating and motivates us to get things fixed and cleaned up. While the good-weather-window is here, it’s time to get some home improvement done, along with some fun recreation.

3Rs Construction Kitchen Remodel good ol summer time1.  Kitchen Remodel

The nice thing about remodeling your kitchen in the summer is that cooking outdoors is a great solution when the stove is pulled.  Besides, you can say to your friends and family that you are eating “al fresco” and they’ll think you are very fashionable with your dining trends!  And just think how nice your kitchen will be when it’s time to have those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with a full house!

3Rs Construction Bathroom Remodel good ol summer time2.  Bathroom Remodel

Speaking of a full house, if your home is a crazy place in the mornings because everyone is fighting over the bathroom, then summer is a great time to fix the chaos!  While the kid’s schedule is less hectic, get that bathroom updated with a two-sink vanity and a separate room for the toilet.  Better yet, consider a bathroom addition for a whole new space! When school starts again, your morning routines will be more peaceful.

3Rs Construction Exterior Remodel good ol summer time3.  Home Exterior Remodel

Obviously, outdoor improvements work better when the weather is fair. It’s the best time to get new siding, roofing, and windows. If a move is in your future, these updated features will make your home more desirable. Not only, will your house have new materials, but the curb appeal will get a boost as well! If a big update isn't needed, a fresh coat of paint always goes a long way to brightening up a first impression.

3Rs Construction Deck or Patio Remodel good ol summer time4.  Deck & Patio Update

An outdoor living update is good for your soul. Get out and enjoy the space you call home! Remodeling a deck or patio with the latest outdoor materials, a nice built-in grill, and unique overhead covers will transform your experience. Invite some friends over for some BBQ and a game of croquet! Already have a great deck? How about adding a gazebo or fire pit for added interest!  (Or use it during your kitchen remodel. See number 1)

3Rs Construction Fence Repair good ol summer time5.  Fence Repair or Replacement

There are some great new fencing options these days. Why settle for plain old chain link?!  Your decision for materials and style should be based on your family, if you have pets, neighborhood requirements, and how you use your space.  A combination of styles and materials may be a good option too. A fence can be decorative, add privacy, or provide needed security for your children and pets.

Are you ready to jump into a summer repair or remodel project?

It can seem like an overwhelming process to balance summer fun with the needs of your home. 3Rs Construction & Remodeling understands that a disruption to your life can be frustrating. The good news is, we have the experience needed to get you through home repair and house remodel.

Our goal is to work with each client to meet their unique project needs. 3Rs Construction will take the time to discuss ideas and strategies to complete your remodel on time and on budget. Contact us today to set up an appointment.  Call our office at 503-363-1059 or use our convenient website contact page.

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