Outdoor Deck & Patio Covers: Keep a Cool Head While You Decide

Outdoor deck & patio covers add value to your Salem, Oregon home.

Grilling is one of life’s greatest pleasures — year round, the smell of the charcoal and searing meat or vegetables speaks to something primal in us. But just because we’re getting in touch with our animal roots doesn't mean we want to be grilling in the rain, snow, or even the blazing sun. Patio covers for your outdoor deck are one of the best ways to make grilling, or even year-round outdoor entertainment, an enjoyable experience.

Whether you have a spacious deck or a cozy patio, this 3Rs guide will help you understand the best outdoor deck and patio cover options. These aren’t simply an extension of your home (or kitchen) but extensions of your personality and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how maintaining your outdoor kitchen — I mean deck — or patio can bring you comfort and joy while increasing your home’s value.

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It is important to think of sun protection when choosing a patio cover.

Keeping All Your Bases Covered — The Benefits of Sun Protection

Patio covers offer a range of advantages for outdoor living spaces, making them a practical and valuable addition to your home in Salem, Oregon. In addition to being shade solutions, patio covers provide a full range of year-round benefits. Sure, they’re great at keeping the sun out of your eyes, but they also can help keep rain out or heat in if you have an outdoor patio heater. They will also help protect your outdoor countertops.

Weatherproof protection is important in choosing your patio cover.

Weatherproof Protection from the Elements:

When enjoying the outdoors, weatherproofing is paramount. Patio covers act as reliable canopies and shades, ensuring you can savor your outdoor space regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

  • Rain: Patio covers offer shelter from rain, hail, and storms, preventing you from getting wet while enjoying your outdoor space. These covers can help divert water away from your home, mitigating the risk of potential water damage.
  • Snow: If you’re having a holiday party and want to cook outdoors or have some outdoor hangs, an outdoor canopy can help keep the snow out and the heat from your outdoor heater in.
  • Sunshine: Covers  create shade and reduce exposure to harmful sun rays, making your outdoor area comfortable even during the hottest and sunniest days. They are UV-resistant, designed to keep up with the sun’s harsh rays and keep them off you.

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A covered patio can extend your outdoor living space.

Extended Outdoor Living Space:

Rain or shine patio covers offer an extension of your living space that gives you a place to get some fresh air any time of year. This transformative addition takes your outdoor area from a mere deck or patio to a fully functional outdoor room. Whether it's a gathering place for family and friends, a cozy reading nook, or a dedicated grilling station, your outdoor living space expands to integrate with your lifestyle seamlessly.

Your patio cover can add energy efficiency to your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency:

Enhancing your outdoor space with patio covers goes beyond aesthetics; it's also a practical choice regarding energy efficiency. These additions offer multiple benefits for regulating the temperature and improving the efficiency of your outdoor area. Whether with scorching summers or chilly winters, patio covers create an energy-efficient and cost-effective outdoor environment.

  • Cooler Summers: Patio covers keep your outdoor area cooler during hot summer months, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and making outdoor activities more pleasant.
  • Warmer Winters: In colder seasons, patio covers act as effective windbreaks, making outdoor gatherings more comfortable and efficient by blocking out air and retaining warmth.


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Patio cover types - select material

Tips on Selecting Patio Cover Types

Selecting the perfect patio cover for your outdoor space is a decision that requires careful consideration. Your choice should align with your unique needs, complement your style, and fit within your budget. To assist you in making an informed decision, here are vital factors to keep in mind when choosing the right patio cover:

Materials for building your patio cover in Salem, Oregon.

Outdoor Patio Cover Materials

The material of your patio cover plays a crucial role in its durability, appearance, and maintenance. Consider the following options:

  • Wood: Wooden patio covers offer a timeless and natural look, ideal for classic or rustic designs. However, they require regular maintenance to preserve beauty and protect against weathering.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum patio covers are known for their durability, low maintenance, and resistance to rust and rot. They come in various styles and can suit both traditional and modern aesthetics.
  •  Vinyl: patio covers are a cost-effective, low-maintenance option in different colors and designs. They are ideal for contemporary or minimalistic styles.
  • Canvas: Canvas patio covers are versatile and provide a softer, more fabric-like appearance. They are often used for retractable or temporary covers.

Not sure about the best option for you? 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is here to help you decide which patio cover option is ideal for your home as well as install it for you.

Design your patio cover as a freestanding structure.
Many roof styles to choose from for your patio cover.

The Perfect Design for Your Canopy

The design of your patio cover should harmonize with your existing outdoor space and architectural style. Consider these design aspects:

  • Attached vs. Freestanding: Decide whether you want an attached patio cover that connects to your home or a freestanding one that stands independently.
  • Roof Style: Explore various roof designs, including gable, hip, flat, or even pergola-style, to achieve the desired look and functionality.
  • Color and Finish: Choose a color and finish that complements your outdoor decor, siding, or trim to create a unified visual appeal.
Patio cover installation done by a contractor or do it yourself.

Patio Cover Installation - Should I Hire Professional or Do it Myself?

Proper patio installation is critical for the long-term performance of your cover. It's possible to damage your deck or patio, requiring a patio roof repair. Plus, tons of permits and codes are required to build, not to mention needing to build a foundation for your patio cover. Unless you are a seasoned DIYer, we recommend hiring a professional Salem roofing company - like 3Rs - lest you end up with costly roof repairs in Salem.


Hire the Best Deck & Patio Installer in Salem

Patio covers provide protection from the elements, offering shelter from rain and shade from the sun's harmful rays. They extend your living space, seamlessly integrating with your lifestyle, and improve energy efficiency year-round. If you’re looking to expand your home and your options for grilling, an outdoor patio cover can provide endless benefits to your life in Salem, Oregon.

As you consider enhancing your outdoor space with a patio cover, it’s important to choose the right one that aligns with your needs, style, and budget. At 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, we want to help you live your best life in your dream home, so reach out to our team today, and we will help you build the outdoor deck or patio of your dreams.

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