Let 3Rs Construction Add a Patio, Covered Deck, or Outdoor Kitchen

Patio, Covered Deck, Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best overall improvements you can make to your home is a patio, covered deck, or outdoor kitchen built by 3Rs Construction.

With the mild year round temperatures in Salem, Oregon it's a surprise that our neighbors are just now discovering the amazing value of an outdoor kitchen, patio, or covered deck.

If you love to entertain, have children or grandchildren like me, adding an outdoor kitchen, patio, or covered deck will be one of the most appreciated improvements to your home.  You cannot imagine just how much use you will get from adding this very functional square footage that your whole family can enjoy.

If you have not experienced the functionality and class of a covered deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen designed and built by 3Rs Construction & Remodeling you will be in for a real treat when we sweep off the floor, light up the fire pit, and you get to invite your friends and family over to test drive your comfortable and roomy new living space. The design team at 3Rs Construction know how to shape the space you have to accommodate your specific lifestyle. Outdoor kitchens provide a range of options from the most basic cook tops to elaborate, fully functioning kitchens. Floors for the covered deck, patio, and outdoor kitchen can be anything from wood decking, concrete, or even non slip tiles.

If you have not already consulted with one of the professionals at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, this would be a good time to make that call (503) 363-1059. The options and varied uses are so numerous that it makes sense to bring in one of our design teams to help you lay out the look and functionality of your new covered deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen.

A trip to one of the six home and garden shows in the Salem, Oregon area between October and February may be helpful. There you will see lots of unique ideas. If you need help finding a good show call the remodel staff at 3Rs Construction. They will gladly point you to some fabulous displays. We will even meet you at the show and walk you through some of the better ideas while helping you cut through some of the hype that often is more for the show than it is usable in real life. Another great source of ideas is visiting your local library and reviewing magazines and books specifically tailored to showcase covered decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens.

No time to travel? Browse our website to decide what type of wood and what style of cabinets you want.

Once you have made that call to 3Rs Construction we will start by evaluating the available space. What do you have to work with? Are you limited by the space you have? Can you get the equipment and crew into the area you want to improve? What about the landscaping? Will water route away from your covered deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen? It is important to consult with the professionals at 3Rs Construction about this part of your project. During the original design and landscaping of your home the water flow an type of vegetation was carefully selected to maximize your livability and protect your foundation. A specialist like those on staff at 3Rs Construction can be extremely valuable at this point. Remember that these folks do this all day long. We study landscape design and know just what will work and what won't work with your new covered deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen. Continuing education, attending specialty classes and learning to maximize you usable space are important to us and we spend an inordinate amount of time helping other 3Rs Construction & Remodeling customers recognize their dream of patios, covered decks, or outdoor kitchens.

In Salem, Oregon there are many construction and remodeling companies but only one to call when you are wanting a quality outdoor kitchen, patio, or covered deck with all of the finishing touches. Your construction and remodeling Project Manager from 3Rs Construction & Remodeling will spend the time to personalize this new and exciting addition to your home to make it uniquely yours and the showcase of your home.

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