3Rs Construction on the Personality of an Exterior Painted Door

3Rs Construction Paint your Exterior Door

Does the paint color of your front door say anything about you to your guests? 

We think it does! Color sets a mood inside your home and can do the same on the exterior. A pop of color at your front entrance definitely says you're not boring!

So you've made the big decision to paint the door but you can't decide what paint color to choose. Maybe this simple color list will help:

RED - Think strong and energetic! Red is stimulating and makes a grand first impression.

YELLOW - This is a happy and uplifting color that brings cheer. Yellow says you are welcome.

BLUE - Cool and calm, blue provides a feeling of relaxation, especially in the lighter hues.

GREEN - If fresh and restful is your goal, choose green. It brings to mind a relaxing meadow in spring.

PURPLE - Bring drama and luxury to your door with purple. A deep rich color provides glamour to the entry.

ORANGE - There's never a dull moment with orange. It reveals excitement, enthusiasm, and energy.



If none of those colors seem like a good fit for you, don't feel bad. Neutrals such as white, grey, black, tan, or finished natural wood, can be beautiful as well, especially if your house or trim color is more bold. Color can be added to the exterior of your home through other items such as pots of flowers, deck furniture, and furniture cushions.

A painted exterior door seems to always look best on a house that's a subdued color. It really gives your front entry a welcoming focal point and adds to the curb appeal. Consider the door style, if it has windows or leaded glass, and the material it is made of when making your final decision.

Most important, choose a good quality exterior paint that will stand up to seasonal weather conditions. 

If you need some help with painting your front door or other exterior projects, give 3Rs Construction a call at 503-363-1059 or contact us online. We'd love to help you color your world!

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