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3 "Must Have" Upgrades You Won't Want to Forget!

If your summer travel plans seem a bit shaky, you might be looking at alternatives that will keep your family relaxed at home. For many of us, particularly in the moderate Pacific Northwest climate, an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect addition to your home this year. We've compiled our top 3 "Must Have" outdoor living upgrades below.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

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Running back and forth from your kitchen to the back patio doesn’t make for a relaxing evening outdoors! Create a space that allows for a sink, outdoor pizza oven or built-in BBQ station, and a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cool all night long.

3R's Construction can help design the Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams!

Add a Pergola or Covered Patio

3Rs Patio and Pergola

To utilize your outdoor space year-round, you want to invest in a covered area that will protect your family from the elements. Plus, you’ll need a place to hang your Edison lights for the cozy ambiance you’re looking for.

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Make Space For A Built-In Fire Pit

Fire Pit Outdoor Living

When the sun goes down, everyone loves a cozy fire. With so many options, it can be hard to choose what type of fire pit you want for your outdoor living space! We love large built-in stone pits, an extended patio area for a Solo Stove, or gas fire tables for those looking for ease!

The sky is the limit when it comes to Outdoor living. Upgrades such as composite decking, built-in seating, heaters, a sound system, or a flat-screen tv can really put the finishing touches on your remodel. Once it’s complete, you may just find that you don’t want to leave!

Use a trusted contractor like 3R's Construction on your outdoor living space.

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