Why You Should Hire a General Contractor for your Addition, Kitchen, or Bathroom Remodel

Hire a Licensed General Contractor for your Home Addition, Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you want to be sure that the home improvement project is designed and implemented according to the highest standards. Remember that a complete remodeling project is a complex endeavor but also an investment in your home.

Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels, or adding a new addition, this type of renovation requires design planning, budgeting and a wide array of skills, selection of the proper materials, and detailed project management to ensure everything is installed correctly. Therefore, it would be wise to entrust only a licensed general contractor for such an ambitious project.


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Hire a General Contractor Qualified to do the Job

7 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor for Your Next Remodel Project

1) Qualified to Do the Job

The general contractor will be qualified to orchestrate your remodel project, address any mold remediation, fix water damage, and ensure all of the work is done properly. In addition, they will have the training and experience to execute your home improvement project so you can thoroughly enjoy your renovated living spaces worry-free.

The general contractor will have the experience necessary to keep the job site clean and present a professional finished product.

2) Avoid Legal Liability

A general contractor will be licensed and bonded, so if someone is injured on the job, the cost and liability will not fall on you, the homeowner. You are shielded from legal liability when you hire the services of a general contractor for your addition, kitchen, or bathroom remodel project.

3) Enjoy Reliability

When you hire a licensed general contractor, they will be more likely to set a schedule to begin and end on time and within budget. This level of reliability gives you peace of mind during the hectic and potentially stressful time of remodeling.


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Network of Trade Contractors for Remodeling Projects

4) Access to Network of Trade Contractors

An experienced general contractor will probably be connected to a network of trade contractors. This translates into your remodeling project will be completed quickly and to code. Also, there should be no hidden surprises. It is worth noting that the general contractor will supervise subcontractors, which means no corners will be cut and covered up.

The general contractor is there to represent your interests, the homeowner. They do this, in part, by verifying the quality of work performed by the trade contractors.

5) Realize Reduced Cost

Typically, the price of your remodel will be less when you partner with a general contractor. The sub-contractors usually give the general contractor a break on the project cost. The homeowner can benefit from this cost savings.

6) Receive Quicker Responses on Status of Remodel Project

Because you are hiring a general contractor for your home improvement project, you will enjoy the benefit of having the sub-contractors be quick to respond to your general contractor. It's simple economics; an experienced general contractor will keep the sub-contractors they work with busy all year long. If the sub-contractor gets two phone calls, one from the General Contractor and one from a homeowner freelancing their own project, who do you suppose will get the quick call back? Working with a good general contractor means receiving timely responses, and project updates is much more likely.

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Hire a General Contractor for a Home Addition

7) Produce a Superior Product

When you have a top-notch licensed general contractor overseeing your remodel project, whether an addition, kitchen, or bathroom remodel, you will be rewarded with a better-finished product. As the homeowner, you want to receive as much return on investment as possible. A highly qualified contractor will provide excellence in your remodel in materials and craftsmanship.

While a small job could be a good fit for a DIY project, most people benefit, whether it's small or a full-scale remodel, from using a qualified and experienced general contractor. A general contractor can handle everything from design, foundations, and construction, including the specialty trades like electrical, HVAC, and plumbing requirements, to the highest standards.

General Contractor - Kitchen Remodel
General Contractor - Bathroom Remodel

Risks of Hiring a Non-Licensed Person or Handyman

Lack of Accountability

There are too many stories involving unlicensed contractors taking customers' money and then disappearing. What's worse, they don't carry insurance to cover their mistakes or the costs of medical care if someone gets hurt on your property.

You will also find with an unlicensed contractor or handyman that there is no accountability for a less than competent remodel. You, as the homeowner, have no assurance of whether the renovation project will be up to code, held to the highest industry standards, or even be safe.

Imagine your cabinets falling apart or having an expensive kitchen remodel look horrible because of shoddy workmanship, and there is nothing you can do about it.

In this State, drug use, pot, and alcohol are all legal and readily available. Without the supervision and oversite of a licensed contractor, you can not be certain what the condition or State of mind of the person in your home is from one day to the next. It is worth noting that if you have employed an unlicensed person, that person, by the States definition, is your "employee," you can be held responsible for their safety, working conditions, and even taxes. You have a lot to lose if your "employee" is impaired while on a ladder or using power tools. Although you have worked hard and legally obtained your home and valuables, things can get dicey in a hurry. As we have seen time and time again, the potential to save a little money is not wise or worth the risk.

Unknown Qualifications

When you hire a friend or a handyman for your remodel, you have no idea of the history of that individual or whether they have the relevant skills to perform the project competently.

You are at serious risk of not getting the finished product you desired when you hand over this ambitious and technical job to an amateur. Unsuspecting homeowners think they are saving money while they could end up paying more than triple to correct the safety hazards, mistakes, and poor workmanship.

The other sad outcome we have seen way too often is the loss of a long-term friendship or strained family relationships when the job has not gone as expected. It just is not worth it.

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General Contractor Hiring Risks and Mistakes

Potential of Life-Threatening Mistakes Being Made

Much can go wrong with a remodel project, including substandard plumbing and shoddy electrical work. For example, plumbing leaks can cause mold growth, overtaking your entire home and making you and your loved ones sick.

Similarly, electrical mistakes made by an amateur could lead to a fire erupting or other errors that could shock or kill you. In addition, changes to the home can create elevated levels of radon, carbon monoxide poisoning, even flooring mishaps can create trip hazards. (It is important to keep in mind that not all flooring is suitable for every application). All of these hazards can be prevented. That is why extensive knowledge and the right skills are critical for any remodeling project.

How to Tell if Someone is a Licensed (General) Contractor

Request the CCB number from the person planning to oversee your home remodel. In addition, a CCB (Construction Contractor Board) number is mandatory on vehicles, business cards, and anything that advertises the business. 3Rs Construction's CCB number is 190818.

A licensed contractor will provide you with a written contract; an unlicensed person may not. A contract protects both parties from miscommunication and clearly defines expectations and costs.

A general contractor will also provide a list of CCB-required legal notices.

You can look up the person doing your remodel project on the CCB website. This is the best way to confirm they are licensed and have insurance and bond, plus see if there is any history of complaints against them.

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3Rs Construction is licensed, bonded, and insured in Salem, Oregon. We are also members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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We'll give you a realistic time frame for our work, and you'll let us know an appropriate time for us to perform it. Our detail-oriented contractors work diligently to finish your kitchen or bathroom on time.

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