Hidden Damage Behind Siding

3Rs Construction Repairs Hidden Water Damage

Can You See What's Wrong With This Picture?


On the surface, this home looks beautiful!

It's clean and tidy, looks well maintained, and is very inviting. But, what we don't know... there is something lurking behind the siding causing great damage!

Does your home have hidden damage under the siding? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!

Water and Dry Rot Damage

After a careful inspection they discovered water had been seeping in behind the siding.

Slowly and quietly this home was being destroyed by dry rot. Like cancer this decay starts small and spreads without limit until the materials are so compromised they fail under their own weight.

Window leaks behind siding

Modern building methods require a number of water-routing steps to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately for these people, and roughly two-thirds if the homes in west and south Salem built in the mid-to-late 90’s, this expensive surprise is waiting for them to uncover.

Hidden water damage and dry rot is a critical problem for any home. You can see in these photos that not only is the wood structure compromised, but the insulation has developed mold growth and needs to be removed.

Dry Rot on Garage Beam

This home is in need of careful repair to eliminate the cancerous dry rot, mitigate the mold damage and restore it without creating more damage in the process.

Do you think you may have a mold or dry rot problem? Call 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, Salem’s best siding company and the last mold and dry rot remediation team you will ever need to call.

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