Cost to Have a Garage Built or Remodeled

Cost to Have a Garage Built or Remodeled

You may not think of your garage as anything more than a place to park your cars or store stuff. But it turns out that people like you are placing more value in their garages as house sharing and home offices continue to grow in popularity.

Nowadays, people are converting their garages into recreation rooms, a place to entertain guests, or even spacious master suites. It seems that homeowners are putting more thought into how their garages can provide them with a valuable room addition, as more and more people are running out of available space in their action-packed lifestyles.

Home buyers recognize the importance of a garage. According to an Impulse Research Survey, approximately 80 percent of them factor in a garage when making their house-purchasing decision. This same survey found that people spend one to two hours a day in their garages doing hobbies and other activities.

Roughly 75 percent of homeowners believe having a garage is "extremely or very important," according to a survey by American real estate investment firm Crescent Communities, a real estate investor, developer, and operator of mixed-use communities.

So, it shouldn't be a surprise that building and remodeling garages have recently become popular home improvement projects. The cost is usually the biggest factor in deciding whether to build or remodel a garage.


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Costs for Remodeling a Garage

Let's look at the various costs associated with both remodeling and building a garage. After reading this article, you should feel confident knowing whether to move forward with building or fixing up your garage.

1. Cost for Remodeling a Garage

(Estimated pricing is based on economic conditions at the time this blog was written)

On average, a garage remodel will cost anywhere from $250.00 to as much as $500.00 per square foot. There are numerous factors that will impact the total price. A modest upgrade -- consisting of a cosmetic update with floor and wall paint and shelving, could run you roughly $80.00 per square foot. If you want to remodel a two-car garage that involves putting in new cabinet storage and doing a floor coating, then the price tag would be closer to $100.00 per square foot

If you choose to do a basic conversion to a bedroom or an office, you would be paying about $250.00 to $500.00 per square foot. This type of remodeling would call for drywalling off the door and the rest of the room, adding dropped ceilings, and bringing in heating and cooling.

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Garage Size Remodel Costs

Among the factors that will influence how much you will pay for a garage remodel are the following:

Garage Size

Size does matter when it comes to remodeling your garage. When you initially reach out to a contractor, you should inform them right away of the remodel size. The larger the project, the higher the cost will be. It's not always an exact figure, but figuring costs by the square foot is often the most reliable method, with the exceptions being very small (150 square feet or less), very large (900 square feet or more), and the quality of fixtures you are putting into the new space.

The price tag is determined largely based on the space's square footage. The expense will increase if you have more than one garage door and plan to create interior walls.

Labor Costs

A standard two-car garage is normally between 440 square feet and 624 square feet.

The more time people are on-site, the more you can expect to pay. The labor rates will cost anywhere from 50 percent to 70 percent of the total project expense.


Permits will be required if you intend to drastically change the purpose of your garage. In this instance, you would need a conversion permit. The state, county, and city you live in will determine how many permits will be necessary and how much you will be charged for those permits.


Garages are usually already wired up for minimal electrical; however, if you need new light switches, overhead lighting, or outlets, you will be paying more. At the time of this article, if you count up the number of plugs, lights, and switches x $200.00 each, you will be in the ballpark of your costs.


Adding plumbing is an expected bump in cost if you're planning to convert your garage into a utility room, a guest home, Master Suite, a bathroom, or a kitchen. You will also need plumbing when adding a sink or an appliance that needs water. The plumbing cost will depend on the scope of the project.

Interior Walls

You will likely have three of the four walls in your garage. However, you will still need to hang the drywall and close off the space where the garage was. If your garage is being modified into a living space like a bedroom or guest house, you will want to hang drywall for bathrooms and closets. Remember to check local building codes. There has to be at least a two-hour burn wall separating your garage from the interior. That means if there was a fire in the garage, it would have to burn for more than two hours to penetrate that wall to access your home or attic.

Exterior Wall

When it comes to what to do with the space where the garage door was located, there are numerous material options. For example, you might opt for a brick look that highlights the exterior of your home. Most people opt for siding that matches the rest of the home with a few windows.


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Cost of Building a Garage in Salem, Oregon

2. Cost of Building a Garage

When it comes to the expense of building a garage, that will depend primarily on how big the garage will be and the material costs involved.

The average cost to construct a basic garage would be about $352 per square foot. The higher end of this expense would be $570 per square foot, and the lowest cost will hover around $250 per square foot.

Cost for Garage Materials

The first step in building a garage is laying the foundation. You should have a budget ready to cover the cost of a concrete slab foundation. When calculating the costs for materials, it is best to measure the length, depth, and width of your new garage foundation in order to determine the cubic feet of concrete needed. As a general reference guide, you will use the following costs per square foot for materials:

  • Foundation Expense – $4 to $8
  • Framing Expense – $5 to $13
  • Siding Expense – $2 to $50
  • Roofing Expense – $1 to $10
Build a Garage Costs & Expenses


The size and intended use of the garage is an important detail to work out before getting started. Here are some options:

  • Single Car – A single car garage will range from 12'X20' – to 14’-28'
  • 1½ Car Garage gives you room to park a car and have a small work space or storage area 16'X20' – 18' X 35'
  • 2 Car typically 24'X24" to 24' X 30"
  • 3 Car Garage is 36' X 24" to 40'X 30'
  • 3 Car Stacked Garage is "L" shaped and big enough for two cars side by side with room for a third one, a small boat, or a shop in the back.
  • Attached Garage is Attached or built off of the existing home
  • Detached Garage is free standing and not connected to the existing
  • Room Over – Many people, when adding a garage, will go up a second story and add a large recreation room, additional storage, or more living space.

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