Will we see a baby boom in 2022?

Aging in place

Babies or not, Homeowners are looking for creative ways to maximize square footage!

While the verdict is still out on whether or not the recent coronavirus pandemic will result in a massive baby boom, we do know that US birth rates continue to rise at a steady rate. In addition, many of us are taking a closer look at our elderly population of parents and grandparents as we continue to be concerned about those we love living in isolation during Covid-19. What does this mean for the home remodeling trends for 2022? Homeowners are looking towards viable options to turn their single-family homes into a friendlier space for aging in place, from birth to retirement, and opening their minds toward multi-generational housing.

Expanding your home for loved ones can come with a cost if you don’t plan well. It’s important to maintain a level of privacy and independence for every member of the family. As you contemplate your decision to convert your home into a multi-family space, we’re listing the top five areas you should consider including in your remodel.

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#1: Create a dedicated nursery space

Create Dedicated Nursery Space in your home for a new baby

If a baby boom is in your future, focus on designing a space that can be easily adaptable as your little one grows. This option may mean adapting existing space into a dream nursery space (a little paint can go a long way) or adding on to your current square footage. We think it’s important to focus on creating functional space for sleep & play and ensuring that your little one will be close enough to your master bedroom, especially during those younger years!

#2: Invest in a Mother-in-Law Cottage

Invest in a Mother in Law Cottage or Home

When you’re used to living on your own, it can be scary to think of your mom or mother-in-law cramping your style by moving in. With the popularity of tiny homes on the rise, there are plenty of great options out there for creating a separate structure that meets your needs. Save money by cohabiting without losing the independence everyone needs.


3R’s Construction & Remodeling has the tools you need to create an ADA-compliant structure for your loved ones.

#3: Join the Suite Life

Bathroom Remodel or Update - Aging in Place

If you’re lacking the space for a separate unit, a suite might just be the answer you’re looking for. Give your loved ones the peace and independence they deserve with a luxurious bathroom remodel with a large soaker tub and tiled shower, or a small sitting area off of the bedroom.

#4: Focus on Accessible Living

Accessible Living - ADA Repairs

As you plan for changes that will last for the long haul, it’s important to focus on ADA repairs that make your space accessible for all ages and disabilities. Look for ways to make your doorways larger to allow for a walker or wheelchair, replace doorknobs with a lever option that’s easy for the young or the old. A touchless faucet is a simple yet effective update to reduce germs and make life easier.

#5: Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Too many cooks in the kitchen are bound to create trouble, so when you’re looking at inviting family into your home permanently, it’s important to have a functional kitchen with enough room for everyone to move. We love the idea of an extra sink and prep space, splurging on a second dishwasher, and adding a Subzero or professional-grade fridge that can store extra food for everyone. Adding a large butler’s pantry can also help cut down on chaos and improve organization for your kitchen space.

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