How to Find the Best Contractor to Build your Addition

Find the Best Home Addition Contractor in Salem, Oregon

Whether you want to add a master suite, a guest room, a home office, or build a full ADU (accessory dwelling unit), finding the right Salem addition contractor is critical if your home improvement project is to be successful.

Sometimes even the most complex and involved additions remodel projects are not as challenging as finding a quality contractor who will perform at a high level. When you think about it, it is a big gamble to plunk down thousands of dollars to do a major home remodel without knowing how it will turn out. You also want to be sure to avoid expensive mistakes.

There is no shortage of nightmare stories of unqualified contractors who tore apart a bathroom or kitchen and did not return to finish the project. Then there are contractors who charged three or four times their original estimate.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of finding the best addition contractor.

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Add a room to your home by hiring an additiona contractor for your remodel.

Let’s first take a brief look at the good and bad characteristics of a contractor.

Traits of a Good Contractor

  • Knowledgeable and solutions-oriented.
  • Listens and takes notes.
  • Clean record.
  • Written contracts accompany all hired work.
  • Provide written estimates.
  • Treat your home as if it were their own.

Traits of a Bad Contractor

  • Routinely late or does not reply to messages.
  • They’re not busy.
  • Poor reviews.
  • Avoids permits, zoning, and building codes.
  • Speaks negatively of clients or associates.
Hire a good addition contractor to remodel your home in Salem.

Define Your Addition Remodel

Prior to setting out to find the right contractor, you’ll want to figure out the details of your addition remodel. For example, know the specifics of your addition, such as whether you’ll be adding a home office as opposed to a playroom or even an ADU.

Perhaps your home remodel will consist of a small addition like a bump-out. Conversely, you may be planning a major addition like a bathroom or a living area.

This information will be highly relevant when it comes to the time involved and the cost of your home improvement project. It may even influence the type of contractor you’ll need to hire.

Important Elements of an Addition Contractor Search

There are numerous factors that deserve primary consideration when you’re searching for the right contractor for your build addition. It will be beneficial to the outcome of your addition project to evaluate these relevant elements.


When you hire a contractor, you want to make sure they are fully insured. This protects you from lawsuits that could result from contractor actions. It also prevents you from experiencing financial problems should the contractor damage your property or cause injury to you or other people.

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Licensed with Oregon CCB (Construction Contractors Board)

Generally, your remodel contractor – and any professional that does residential or commercial construction, must be licensed with the CCB, and that includes in Oregon. The licensing applies to any construction that involves improvements to real property.

Good Reviews

Seeing that a potential contractor has glowing reviews greatly instills confidence in you that they are competent. It also means that they are trustworthy and that they are in good standing within the industry.

In these reviews, you want to look for specific aspects of their service that former customers raved about. For example, they might praise their customer service, attention to detail, or communication style. The quality of work should always be included in the positive comments.


When your addition contractor in Salem is experienced, this conveys to you that it is unlikely they will make mistakes – and especially huge mistakes that might negatively impact the outcome of the remodeling project or lead to cost overruns.

In the vast majority of cases, an experienced general contractor will have the skills to do the job right the first time.

Addition Contractor pricing and costs.


One of the biggest factors for pricing with a contractor is the type of home addition you want to do. For example, you may want to add a second story, a living room, an extra bathroom, or perhaps you’ll decide to expand your kitchen or add a garage. A second-story addition will likely cost more than expanding your kitchen or adding an extra bathroom.

The most important element of pricing is making sure that the project estimate ends up being the actual cost of the home remodel. You don’t want the contractor to significantly revise the cost – have it be higher and come to you for more money -- or lower the cost but then cut corners in the process.


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Questions to Ask an Addition Contractor

Questions to Ask a Contractor

Here are some important questions to ask a general contractor that you are thinking of hiring for your addition remodel project:

Are you licensed and bonded?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – You can find this information on the CCB website, and then you can confirm their answer and see any complaints that have been filed.

Anyone who has been in business for more than five years is likely to have some activity on their license. You may also find one or two complaints, and that is not uncommon. However, if there are many of them, including fines from the state, you should ask the contractor to explain them.

Who files for the permit?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – This  should be done by the contractor.

When is the deposit due?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – All contractors will need a deposit to order the materials required for your home remodel job with the current state of material availability. A 50 percent deposit is not uncommon. A reputable contractor will have purchased and have all of the materials on hand before they begin the job. That prevents unnecessary delays and makes your project run smoother.

What is the payment schedule?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – You should only be paying for work that is completed and work that is forecasted within a specific amount of time. For example, a scheduled payment to complete the framing would include the cost of labor for framing. The next bill should be for the next section of the project.

What happens if we disagree on something?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – It should be in the contract language.

What is the projected start time, and how long should the job take?

3Rs Construction Pro Tip – A good contractor can tell you approximately when they can begin the remodel project and how long a job should take. No contractor can be exact because there are too many variables. But, give or take, a week or so is fair and reasonable.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor for Your Home Addition Project

These are just some of the many benefits of hiring a general contractor for your addition remodel:

  • Safety will be emphasized.
  • Renovations will be completed faster.
  • They’re insured.
  • Proper coding and licensing will be followed.
  • You will have a warranty of the work.
  • You won’t have any liability issues.

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