Add on a Master Suite to Your Home

Add on a Master Suite to Your Home

Want more personal space or luxurious qualities added to your home? Maybe you desire a spacious walk-in closet or don't want to walk down the hall to a bathroom you share with your kids? Perhaps you’re not happy with the size of your bedroom? Maybe it’s time you join so many of your neighbors who are adding a Master Suite to their home.

If so, then a master suite addition could be the perfect solution for your home interior remodeling needs.

Master suite additions are among the most popular home additions nowadays. While a master suite addition may cost tens of thousands of dollars, it returns about 53 percent of its cost when you sell your home, and nearly 90 percent of homeowners feel that their new master suite increased the enjoyment and comfort of their home, according to the Remodeling Impact Report issued by the National Association of Realtors.


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Master Suite Home Addition Design

Reasons for a Master Suite Addition

The most obvious reason to consider a master suite addition is the significant value it adds to your home, but it also increases the enjoyment, satisfaction, and functionality of your home.

In addition to adding ultra-convenience and more privacy, a Master Suite Addition can make your bedroom feel more luxurious and spacious.

Where to Build a Master Suite

Determining where in your home to build a master suite addition is one of the most important decisions you will make for this home renovation project. You will want the addition to blend with the existing architecture or design of your existing home, and you would also do well to focus on the privacy aspects.

Consider where your master suite will connect with the rest of your home. Also, think about which direction you want your new room to face.

What’s more, especially if it will be a second-floor addition, you might need to prepare for additional costs for upgrading plumbing and electrical work to meet current building codes. The benefit of a second-story addition is you will preserve more of your yard. But keep in mind that this addition may call for strengthening the existing structures of your home. This includes the rooms beneath the new bedroom.

A ground floor addition may inspire you to think about creating access to the outdoors, with a covered private patio, for example. It is important to note that a first story addition will make necessary a slab or foundation of some type. A master suite addition on the ground floor is typically the least disruptive to your normal routine in your home during construction because often the work is completed before the rooms are connected, keeping the noise and mess outside!

Based on recent trends, homeowners favor ground floor additions, which also offer you an advantage if you intend to live in your home into your later years and age in place.

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Master Suite Bathroom Remodel
Master Suite Addition with Storage & Entertainment

3 Tips for Creating Your Master Suite Addition


1) Establish Priorities for Design & Amenities

You want to begin by compiling a list of the elements you want to include in your dream Master Suite Addition. Be creative and think big. It is easier to narrow down the list later as needed if cost becomes a factor.

Consider the following elements to your new addition:

  • Built-in cabinetry
  • Different flooring options that include stone, carpet, and wood
  • Tile for flooring, backsplashes, and surrounds
  • French doors
  • Heated bathroom floor
  • Ample space for seating in the bedroom
  • Steam Shower
  • Heated Towel Cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Sound system and other Smart Features
  • Universal design features and barrier-free construction for aging in place
  • Stand-alone tub or a tub/shower surround

Choosing details & upgrades when remodeling your master suite can be overwhelming? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor for help today!

2) Factor in Interior Details and Luxurious Upgrades

You will want to make a personal statement with your Master Suite Addition, which means building a customized bedroom suite. As you plan this addition, consider what is most important when it comes to luxurious elements and stylistic fixtures. During the planning process, also evaluate what your space and budget will allow for.

As you visualize your Master Suite Addition, ponder the following details:

Bathroom Fixtures — Options you have available include a walk-in shower, rainfall shower, dual shower heads, computer-controlled and preheated massaging jets, in addition to niches for storage. Maybe you will prefer a free-standing bath, steam room, sauna, or a jetted bathtub.

Storage Improvements — This may encompass dual or walk-in closets, along with cabinetwork or built-in shelving.

Convenience and Entertainment — Popular selections include a private bar, a gas fireplace, surround sound, and built-in entertainment systems for viewing TV and playing music in your new Master Suite. Choose to indulge yourself by incorporating elements that provide for an ideal spa-like retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

Miscellaneous Details — This is where you think about the door handles, knobs, and pulls for cabinet doors, as well as mirrors, lights, and plumbing fixtures. Maybe you’ll opt for spa-like upgrades such as a steam feature, a tub caddy, and chic accessories.

Architectural Features — Add some architectural decorative details such as crown molding, a unique trim, dimmable, or colored accent lighting. Maybe you’ll decide to include French doors, skylights, or projected window elements.

Digital Upgrades — Enhance your bathrooms and bedrooms with Wi-Fi options such as lighting, music, heated floors, high-tech showers, and heated towel drawers.

3) Remember the Exterior of your Master Suite Addition

You want to work with your contractor to make sure that your new addition will blend seamlessly with the rest of your architecture and home design. That is why it is helpful to imagine how the exterior of your home will change with your new addition. Do this at the beginning stage of your planning process.

An important aspect to consider for your new addition is the amount of space it will take up and its location in your home. Give some thought to how the roofline may change and how that will impact the exterior appearance of your house.

Among the exterior details that will be affected by your new addition are siding, windows, doors, facade options, roofing styles and materials, and exterior trim. As you strive to blend in the addition with the rest of your house, factor in all of these exterior features. The goal is to match all of these elements with the original structure and style of your home. At a minimum, you want to choose colors and styles that blend with the whole house.

Master Suite Bedroom Addition

The most important decision you will need to make is who you can trust to turn your ideas into a reality. Choosing a builder should not be so difficult, but with all the scary stories you hear about projects going over budget, past their deadlines, and not turning out the way you had hoped, there are a lot of reasons to be sure your contractor is both qualified but able to give you the finished product you are hoping for.

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