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Our goal at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is for you to have peace of mind about the health and safety of your home. That’s why Duane West, owner of 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, attended a special radon mitigation training class provided by AARST-NRPP (The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists & The National Radon Proficiency Program).

NRPP Residential Measurment Provider Duane from 3Rs Construction

Attending specialized classes keeps 3Rs Construction informed of the latest and most effective methods of radon mitigation. New techniques are now available to depressurize the soil, helping to resolve radon issues in homes that have a crawlspace. While the existence of radon in your home is serious, radon testing, mitigation, and removal is relatively painless.

NRPP Radon Mitigation Provider Duane from 3Rs Construction

Are you concerned that you may have radon in your home? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!

Radon can get into your home through:

  • The water supply
  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Construction joints
  • Gaps in suspended floors
  • Gaps around service pipes
  • Cavities inside walls
  • Radon is a noble gas that can pass through almost any substance known to man. Once in your home, radon will collect and build up.

Factors that may alter the radon levels in your home:

  • Recent remodel
  • Weatherizing
  • Changes to your heating, air condition or other ventilation system
  • Movement in the sub-surface water table
  • Erosion of the soils around your home or neighborhood
  • Heating and cooling your home
  • Opening and closing doors and windows

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or doing household maintenance, 3Rs Construction can complete radon testing and mitigation in a timely manner. Radon is a dangerous gas that and best left to the professionals to remediate. We can also work with your realtor or insurance representative if needed.

If you have concerns about your home, give 3Rs a call at 503-363-1059 to arrange for a radon test. You could also use our convenient online contact form.

In case you missed it, we have posted an article with a very informative short video about finding radon in homes. The video communicates why it is so important to have your home tested for radon and mitigated if needed.

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