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Mold Remediation

Ventilation and remediating mold has become an ever growing concern for Salem, Oregon area residents. As home inspectors become more educated and homeowners more aware of the potential adverse health effects of high concentrations of mold in living spaces, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is getting a corresponding number of calls from concerned Salem, Oregon area homeowners and tenants about what they can do to remove or remediate this mold.


Tip #1  Eliminate the moisture and you eliminate the mold problem.

Let's start with the basics. 3Rs Construction Mold Remediation 101. If you have a fungal infestation anywhere in your home including your attic, you need to identify the source of the moisture prior to spending any time or money remediating it. Mold needs water, a minimum temperature, and a food source to grow. Since we cannot easily control the food sources or temperature.


Tip #2  Mold can grow on most any surface and it can ingest almost any organic material.

In a typical Salem area attic you have enclosed space difficult to access or keep an eye on, a huge range of temperatures on any given day, and a wide variety of available food sources. Moisture can collect in the attic and without proper ventilation the moisture will condensate and, "wa la" you have a mold problem requiring remediation.

A call to 3Rs Construction & Remodeling at this point is your best decision. Quick action to dry out the attic and increase airflow will arrest the spread of mold and minimize the expense of remediation. The trained and experience mold remediation staff at 3Rs Construction will evaluate the building's envelope and moisture barriers.


Tip #3  Be sure there is proper air circulation and ventilation in the attic.

Some questions to ask are... Are your eve vents plugged or full of debris? Do you have roof vents adequate for your home? 3Rs Construction will evaluate your roof and vents then check the attic to see if the exhaust vents from your bathroom, laundry and kitchen area are properly vented to Salem's fresh outside air. Our mold remediation teams will also check to see if your vents have been damaged and are dumping all of that moisture into the attic space. Another possibility is a roof leak allowing the outside elements (typically rain in the Salem area) into your home's moisture envelope, and sometimes wood is infested from installing wet roof decking or not getting the home roofed quickly enough and the sheeting got saturated at the point of construction.

The mission undertaken by 3Rs Construction is to seek out and discover where this moisture is coming from. This is the most important step of the process. Once the staff at 3Rs Construction completes the survey of your attic we can offer a plan to stop the moisture from collecting in your attic and then address the required remediation.

For more information call Salem's 3Rs Construction & Remodeling at (503) 363-1059 or visit our website at www.3rsconstruction.com.

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