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Mold Myths & Remediation

There are more myths than facts lofting around in the mold arena these days.  Part three in the Series "Mold Matters” by 3Rs Construction & Remodeling was intended to address a few of the common Mold Myths.

(Here comes the disclaimer) 3Rs Construction is in no way intending to be the final authority in Mold Remediation.  Lots of great science is being done every day and the “Fact to Theory” ratio is always in flux.  For more details on Mold Remediation or other home owner solutions check out our website

In the meantime see how many of the FAQs listed below you already know the answer to and as always feel free to call 3Rs Construction for any help you may need with any Home Repair or Remodeling projects you have planned.

Mold Myths

“If I have Mold in my Home it’s a BIG PROBLEM” ~

  • Not always, most of the time Mold can be remediated and you can go on about your lives with little to no long term effects. The key is to have someone who is trained and qualified to do the remediation.  If you have a non-qualified Contractor, Friend or Handyman tackle this problem you are likely going to have to have it remediated again at a later date and this time the affected area will be much bigger and more expensive to treat. Additionally, when you go to sell the property it is required that you disclose to the potential buyer that you had a problem with mold and what steps you took to remediate it.  Anything less than a licensed professional Remediator will likely require a re-treatment to pass as Professionally Remediated.

“If I clean up the mold my Problem is solved”  ~

  • Nope!  If you have not stopped the moisture supply at its source then your problem is going to pop up over and over until you do.

“If I throw Bleach on the mold I will have saved BIG money” ~

  • Not a chance! The most effective option using bleach is a combination 50% Bleach and 50% water.  “WATER” isn’t that what caused the problem in the first place? The real issue is that this combination however lethal to the fungal growth cannot penetrate the surface and kill the mold growth that is mostly out of reach of “surface” cleaners.

“If there is Mold In my attic I need to move out immediately” ~

  • Please don’t, there is very little air passing that direction from the attic through the building envelope into the living space.  The house is pressurized and not very well vented.  Air from the house will vent into the attic but it is very difficult to go the other way ( that does not mean you leave it ) that mold needs to go but it is no reason to panic.

“If I have mold I have to hide it or I will not be able to sell my home EVER” ~

  • Anything that could affect the safety or livability of your home or building is required to be disclosed at the time of sale.  If you have had mold problems and they have been professionally remediated by 3Rs Construction or other professionals you can present the “ Clean Certificate” along with the disclosure document and that is evidence that the problem has been professionally addressed.

“I have seen mold and now I am having a reaction to it.”  ~ 

  • Not Likely:  allergic reactions to mold are much the same as allergic reactions to any other irritant. They can manifest in many types of symptoms including…
  1. arthritic-like aches and pains
  2. shortness of breath
  3. bloody noses
  4. chronic headaches
  5. coughing
  6. Itching
  7. depression
  8. dizziness
  9. blurred vision
  10. epileptic-like seizures
  11. loss of balance
  12. fatigue
  13. flu-like symptoms
  14. irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat
  15. memory loss
  16. hearing loss
  17. agitation
  18. nausea
  19. restlessness
  20. runny nose
  21. sinus congestion
  22. skin rashes
  23. sneezing
  24. irritability
  25. upper respiratory infections
  26. blindness

As you can imagine there are many things that can cause these reactions, don’t rule mold out but more often than not the health changes are a combination of several changing environmental conditions unrelated to the mold you have found.

Black Mold is Bad ~

  • The Center for Disease Control says (condensed version) some people are allergic to some molds.  Seems kind of non-descript but in essence it means we do not know why some people react and some don’t but each person is different and some just cannot survive contact with specific types of mold.

Mold on some foods, like Cheese is a good thing.  ~

  • Nope!  Don’t get me wrong, mold is useful, even essential to the processing of some foods but there is a reason we cut it off before we eat it. (IT’S BAD FOR YOU)

Before I remove Mold I need to have it tested. ~

  • Not usually, the only productive reason to test molds in your home or business is to determine the specific types that are growing there. If there is a allergic reaction that is making occupancy difficult or impossible, proper identification of the offending mold can be helpful both in treatment and in litigation.

How did you do?

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7+  ( you’re a mold man (or woman) not something to put on an application but just like your momma, we are impressed with you )

The preceding information is the Third in a series of posts created by 3Rs Construction in Salem Oregon entitled "Mold Matters” to help inform the general public on how to best deal with Mold and Mold Removal or Remediation in their homes or businesses.

Remember, aside from health issues, if you ever intend to sell this property you are obligated to disclose to the potential buyers that you had a mold problem and what steps if any you took to resolve it.  The value of the property can and will be directly affected by how you handle the Remediation Effort.

We sure hope this has been helpful.  For other tips and remodeling ideas visit our website at

Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling today at 503-363-1059 to schedule an appointment for mold removal and testing services.

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