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The following information is the first in a series of posts created by 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem Oregon to help inform the general public on how to best deal with Mold, Mold Removal, or Remediation in their homes or businesses.

First off let me explain, I am neither a professional writer nor a guy who likes to take the long way to an answer so I will try to be concise and clear for those like-minded people who want to get straight to the point.

Growing up in Salem, located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, arguably the most beautiful place to live on the entire planet I have seen that other Salem Natives like me have, or have had a rather cavalier attitude about mold growing in our living environments. As more and more quality research has been done on the effects of Mold on humans we are forced to ask ourselves “Self, is that stuff growing in the corner really a problem?”

The answer is simple, Yes, and No. It all depends on you and your expectations for your future health and re-sale value of your home. Let me explain.

Do you have mold in your home right now? – YES. All normal indoor and outdoor environments are exposed to a huge variety of molds and fungus on a daily basis.

Is it dangerous? - That depends on what type it is and the genetics and age of the people exposed to it. On the 3Rs construction Web site you can find a link to the CDC’s official stance on mold. Paraphrasing (no one mold is more toxic than another, but certain people are more or less sensitive to different molds and their reaction to that mold can create mild to serious medical conditions.)

Our research at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling has shown us that children and seniors along with people having compromised immune systems are most prone to have an allergic reaction to mold. Additionally long term exposure to elevated spore counts greatly affects your sensitivity to mold and other respiratory irritants.

What does that mean to you? 1) You are always exposed to some mold, 2) The higher the concentration of spores in your living environment the more likely you will develop an allergic reaction to it. 3) By the time You, Your Family, Tenants, or Guests display symptoms of an allergic reaction to Mold the damage has already been done.

If you have or suspect mold growth in your home or business contact a professional like the ones at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling for a Mold test or evaluation. Many types of Mold can be remediated easily if caught early but there are some fungus and mold species that you do not want to risk exposing your tenants or family to and should only be handled by a professional who is trained on the proper precautions necessary to ensure no further contamination is caused during remediation.

If you are determined to conduct this remediation without the help of a professional Remediator like the ones at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, Oregon I have included a few tips to help keep you safe and minimize the risk of contaminating your home further.

Tip #1 – Find and repair the water leak that has made this growth possible (this is critical).

Tip #2 – Contain the affected area so no spores can drift to other areas

Tip # 3 – Devise a method to suck air from the work area and vent to the outside without air flow going the other way.

Tip #4 – Wear a good, fitted respirator rated for Mold.

Tip #5 – Wear disposable gloves and clothing covers (including shoe covers).

Tip #6 - Do not traffic between work area and other areas of the house or you will take spores with you and contaminate the room.

Tip #7 – Remove affected materials and place inside heavy duty plastic garbage bags.

Tip #8 – Spray affected area and surrounding area with proper fungicide.

Tip #9 – Wipe down all surfaces with clean rags (one wipe or pass per rag).

Tip #10 – Throw used booties, gloves and coveralls into the plastic bags with the other debris before leaving the work area.

Tip #11 – Have the site tested before you take down the containment barriers to be sure mold is gone.

Remember, aside from health issues, if you ever intend to sell this property you are obligated to disclose to the potential buyers that you had a mold problem and what steps if any you took to resolve it. The value of the property can and will be directly affected by how you handle the Remediation Effort.

We sure hope this has been helpful. For other tips and remodeling ideas visit our website at

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