Why Hire a Certified Radon Mitigator to Lower the Radon Levels in Your Home?

Hire a Certified Radon Mitigator to Lower the Radon Levels in Your Home

What is Radon?

Radon is a gaseous radioactive element that kills more than 20,000 people every year. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure how much radon is in your home is through radon testing done by a professional, as radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

Among the health concerns associated with radon exposure are the following:

  • Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer
  • Radon is a class A carcinogen
  • Radon levels can rise and fall undetected


3Rs Construction & Remodeling is your trusted radon mitigator in Salem, Oregon. Contact us today to test your home for radon. We take mitigation seriously!

What is Radon? Why do I need Radon Testing?

Many Unqualified Radon Mitigators to Choose From

Now that you have decided to take action to lessen your radon exposure, the question becomes:  Who should you trust for this important job? Your health and even your life could be at stake.

As you embark on finding a competent radon mitigator, you will soon discover that there is no shortage of unqualified general contractors to investigate. In fact, approximately 231,000 contractors in the State of Oregon can claim that they can properly reduce the radon levels in your home. But unfortunately, the vast majority of these contractors don't possess the necessary training and specialized skills to support their claims.

Although there are general contractors who might be competent in one type of service, they may not have the specialized training to address your particular radon issue adequately. This is a lot like asking a podiatrist to treat your heart condition. It is simply not right that you could put your faith in someone to make your home safe and healthy, only to find out later that you've been unprotected this entire time.

Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor, if you are concerned about radon in your home today!

Oregon Qualified Radon Mitigators

Oregon Comes Up Short in Number of Qualified Radon Mitigators

The State of Oregon is not your friend in this space. These are essential, life-saving systems, and no mitigation, certification, or training standards are required for contractors willing to install them. Unfortunately, this leaves you as a homeowner vulnerable to choosing the wrong contractor to mitigate radon in your home.

Politicians and lawmakers in this State are either unaware of the problem, or they just don't care. But you deserve better!

The Cost of Using Unqualified Contractors

  • Improperly sized pipes
  • Radon routed back into your home
  • Radon Reduction system not working.
  • False sense of security
  • Home and family unprotected
  • Increased radon levels
  • Leaking pipes
  • Electrical issues
  • Arrives late
  • Fittings improperly sealed
  • Plastic layer substituted for required radon-rated membrane

After more than a quarter-century in this industry, we've seen it all. When you hire an unqualified contractor, you should expect any of these results.


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Radon is Dangerous - Hire a Competant Radon Mitigation Team

Your Options for Radon Mitigation

At 3Rs, we know exactly how frustrating this can be. You have every right to be able to trust a radon mitigator that you hire.

Knowing this, here are your options when it comes to radon mitigation:

  • One: Do it yourself (DIY) mitigation. You might get it right. You might not.
  • Two: Hire a Handyman or any untrained contractor for radon testing and radon reduction that has prepared by watching a YouTube video.
  • Three: Hire a licensed, trained, and certified Radon Mitigator.

What's at Stake If You Choose the Wrong Contractor for Radon Mitigation

If the wise choice isn't abundantly clear, let's think about it like this: Imagine 20,000 bees are living right below your home. A few find their way inside through cracks in your foundation or framing.

The odds are still in your favor that you won't get stung. There are only a few bees, and you might avoid them. However, the longer you're in the same space together, the more likely you will get stung. And remember, more are coming in every day.

Now, imagine those bees are invisible and don't make any noise. You can't simply avoid them. Does that make you more nervous? It should.

With radon, it is not the same as some tiny sting. You're up against lung cancer and death. Knowing that, do you really want to take your chances with an unqualified general contractor? We understand that you have a few choices. But if you take this seriously, you really have only one choice: Call 3Rs Construction to handle your radon mitigation.

Need help finding a certified radon mitigation for your home? Contact 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, your local contractor today!


What Radon Mitigation Looks Like with 3Rs

At 3Rs, our team is trained to do exactly what you expect the first time – keep your family and home safe from radon. Radon is dangerous and you want the experts to handle the details. When you hire 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, you'll get a team that is fully qualified in each of these key areas:

  • Decreasing radon levels
  • Using proper pipe and fan sizes
  • Invested in improving our community
  • Ongoing service
  • Friendly people from the first call to the last bit of clean up
  • Your System will lower your risk of radon exposure
  • Using the right equipment
  • High reputation
  • Ongoing education
  • Accountable for every step of the process.
  • On-time
  • Trained in the latest techniques
  • Routing radon out of your home
  • Security
  • Providing the highest quality of work
  • Actively involved with the Global Community of professional radon mitigators
  • Warrantied work
  • Knowledgeable of the challenges of working with soil and gas

In order to have a reliable system, you'll need to have someone who can address all of these points.

You can view Standards for Certified Radon Mitigators with a FREE download of our PDF.

Quality is Worth the Higher Cost for a Certified Radon Mitigator

Now, the question of cost does come up. Since our prices can be higher than other untrained mitigators, you have to ask yourself: What are they leaving out to offer that lower price? The truth is by buying a discounted system, you are gambling with your health and safety.

No other professional involved in a life-saving operation settles for less than the best. And neither will we.

Yes, our systems sometimes cost more, but they will work. We guarantee it!

Protect your home and family by getting your radon properly mitigated. When you schedule with 3Rs Construction, you'll get the best mitigation in the business. Our team is standing by and will take great care of you!

Hire 3Rs Construction & Remodeling for Radon Mitigation

At 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, radon mitigation is one of our specialties. With more than three decades of experience, you can trust us to determine if the radon levels in your home are safe.

Nationally Certified and licensed by the State, 3Rs Construction is continually up to date with national radon mitigation education. As a result, 3Rs can effectively test and measure your home's radon levels. Among the benefits to you, our customer, when having 3Rs do the radon mitigation you can expect the following:

  • Prompt response
  • Quick turn-around test results
  • Competitive rates
  • A detailed report explaining the radon testing, findings, and recommendations

If you have not recently had your home, place of business, or your child's daycare tested for radon, we invite you to give our courteous and professional staff a call. We will meet with you and provide a radon testing price quote.

It is our foremost goal at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling to ensure that you have a safe and healthy environment in your home.

Call us at (503) 363-1059, so we can get started on your radon mitigation today!

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