How Does An Earthquake Affect Radon Levels?

Radon levels flows like a river

Earthquakes Near Salem Can Happen

View info from the most recent earthquake:

Earthquake April 14, 2018, Silverton, Oregon

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So, what does radon have to do with an earthquake?

First let's get the simple definition of an earthquake from the Oxford dictionary online:

"A sudden violent shaking of the ground, typically causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic action."

Since radon gas comes from the ground, we know that an earthquake will  shift the path and flow of radon gas and where it escapes.

Think of it like a river with many forks. The water flows freely in different directions based on the crevasses, rocks, and obstacles in its way. If a beaver builds a dam in the river, or a tree falls across the water, or erosion moves a pile of rocks, the path of the water will move around the new obstacles.

If the earth’s crust shifts, the radon path shifts too. Take a look at these diagrams of the layers under a house.

How radon may escape before an earthquake.

3Rs Construction Radon in the Earth's Crust

How radon may escape after an earthquake.

3Rs Construction Radon can move underground

Before, the radon was escaping out into the atmosphere. After, it is looking for a way out through the foundation of your house.

This is why 3Rs Construction recommends that you have a radon detector installed in your home after you have had mitigation. Levels can change, and a permanent detector will keep you and your home safe and healthy!

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