10 Things You Must Do in A Wildfire Evacuation

Make A Plan In Advance of an Emergency

1. Listen to local alerts and FOLLOW the warnings. – Nothing you have is worth risking your life


2. Pack your valuables and essentials early, BEFORE you have to... (25 Things to Pack for an Evacuation)


3. Change the recording on your cell phone to let your family know you are OK and you are busy at the moment. Don’t waste time on the phone.


4. Make a 5-minute plan and a 3-minute plan so you are ready no matter what happens.


5. Pack a vehicle that is best for travel.


6. Take video of the entire interior of your home including in cupboards and drawers – this will be invaluable in the event your home is burned.


7. Get sprinklers on your roof or spray with a hose. – Don’t risk falling and getting hurt if you don’t have easy access and someone agile enough to do this DON’T RISK the fall. EMT’s are already spread thin.

(If you have maintained a “defensible space” or a green zone around your home.  This will slow or help prevent fire from running up the dry grass straight to your siding and roof.)


8. Stay calm and keep things wet until you are advised to leave… then leave.


9.  Make 3 calls…

  • A family member or friend who can relay to your contacts that you are ok and leaving.
  • Any elderly or disabled neighbors to be sure they are safe.
  • Call a contractor. Get on their radar, you may need their services. The sooner that is scheduled the better your odds of getting your repairs started early.

10.  Most of all don’t take chances, there will be shelters put up for you to stay overnight if you don’t have anywhere to go. Your home is insured and can be replaced, you cannot. All of us at 3Rs earnestly hope you do not need any of this advice but having helped many of our neighbors rebuild after a fire or flood we know what will help with restoration.

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