Don’t Let Water Damage Get You Down!

Don't Let Water Damage Get You Down!

If you’ve ever stood in your basement watching a flood of water come through your ceiling, then you know how stressful water damage can be! Water damage is also more common than most homeowners think, with nearly one in fifty homeowners experiencing water damage and filing an insurance claim each year.


To help reduce your stress if you ever find yourself with water damage, we’ve got four simple steps to follow to ensure that your home is repaired correctly.


Contact a mitigation contractor for a quote

When dealing with water damage, it’s important to start the mitigation process as soon as possible. 

Did You Know?

A qualified contractor like 3R’s Construction & Remodeling can tell you if this may be covered by your insurance policy.

Stop water intrusion

The longer you allow water intrusion to continue, the longer the mitigation process and potential damage to your home. If you can find the source of the leak on your own and stop any further intrusion, terrific! If not, your mitigation contractor can help you out.

When water damage hits your home, don't delay! Contact 3R's Construction & Remodeling to start the mitigation process.


Contact your insurance agent to file a claim

While your homeowner’s policy may not cover every type of water damage, it’s important to contact your agent to find out if your damage is covered. 

Important Tip!

Hire a mitigation contractor like 3R's Construction who works for you, NOT your insurance company. 


Begin the mitigation process

Even the smallest amount of water damage can lead to long-term problems. Mold growth begins within 22 hours of exposure to water. The sooner you can get your mitigation contractor in your home to begin the drying process, the better! They’ll have the specialized equipment necessary to get the job done right.

The Bottom line?

You can't predict when water damage will hit your home, but you can rest easy knowing that 3R's Construction & Remodeling will be there to help you navigate through the mitigation process.

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