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3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Eclipse Tips

3Rs Construction is Right at Home on Eclipse Day in Salem Oregon

By 3Rs | August 14, 2017

  WE’RE NOT JUST PLANNING FOR ECLIPSE DAY, WE’RE PLANNING ON ECLIPSE WEEK!   Count on 3Rs Construction Management LLC to be available on August 21, 2017! Call 503-363-1059 Who knew it would expand to such a big deal? Here at 3Rs Construction, we like to keep our fellow Salem neighbors feeling right at home…

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3Rs Construction Wants YOU to Know About “I Work We Succeed”

By 3Rs | July 28, 2017

  Good Things are Happening in Salem Oregon!     3Rs Construction Management LLC is pleased to be a part of the Salem and Willamette Valley business area and know that being part of the community means supporting the good things that happen here. That’s why we share them with YOU, our 3Rs family. Recently,…

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3Rs Construction Paint your Exterior Door

3Rs Construction on the Personality of a Painted Door

By 3Rs | July 6, 2017

Does the paint color of your front door say anything about you to your guests?  We think it does! Color sets a mood inside your home and can do the same on the exterior. A pop of color at your front entrance definitely says you’re not boring! So you’ve made the big decision to paint…

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3Rs Construction Outdoor Living Deck and Patio

Install a New Grill on Your Deck or Patio with 3Rs Construction

By 3Rs | June 30, 2017

July is National Grilling Month …your deck or patio needs a built-in grill! What better way to celebrate delicious grilling and BBQ than to add a new outdoor cooking space at your home! Grills and cook tops come in all shapes and sizes and 3Rs Construction can design and install a grilling station that fits…

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3Rs Construction AARST-NRPP Radon Training

3Rs Construction is Salem’s Trusted Radon Professional

By 3Rs | June 16, 2017

  Experienced and Trained Radon Testing and Mitigation In case you missed it, we recently posted an article with a very informative short video about finding radon in homes. The video communicated why it is so important to have your home tested for radon and mitigated if needed. Our goal at 3Rs Construction is for…

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3Rs Construction Stanley Watras Radon Story

3Rs Construction Reviews Stanley Watras and Radon Mitigation

By 3Rs | June 2, 2017

The Discovery of Radon in Homes Did you ever wonder why we ever started doing radon testing and radon mitigation in homes? Did someone just get up in the morning and think to themselves, “I think I’ll check my house for radon today.” No …that would be silly! But, it’s actually a very interesting tale! It…

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Mold’s Circle of Life by 3Rs Construction Management LLC

By 3Rs | May 19, 2017

Once moisture is introduced to mold spores, how longs does it take for them to germinate? Duane West, owner of 3Rs Construction Management LLC in Salem, Oregon taught a class on mold and remediation to local realtors. Here’s a snippet of info about the life cycle of mold. You’ll understand why it’s so important to…

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Home Remodel: Gone to the Dogs!

By 3Rs | April 28, 2017

3Rs Construction Has A New Pinterest Board Dedicated To Home Remodeling With Your Dog In Mind.   People love their pets! When a dog is welcomed into a home, they become part of the family and we can’t imagine life without them. Dogs protect us, love us unconditionally, provide comfort, leave us “presents” in the…

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3Rs Construction Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel: How Many Pieces Do You Want?

By 3Rs | April 21, 2017

Can You Have Three-Quarters of a Bathroom? 3Rs Construction Answers The Question!   Toilets and showers and sinks …oh my! When seeking to get some clarity on what is meant by a three piece bathroom (or four piece, or five piece…) 3Rs met with some unforeseen controversy. Who woulda’ thought? It seems like it would…

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Dust Bunny

A Reminder from 3Rs Construction to Schedule Home Maintenance

By 3Rs | March 24, 2017

Forgotten Hiding Places for DUST BUNNIES Ahhhh…dust bunnies! Don’t you just love them?! The ones we can see floating across the bare floor are bad enough, but what about the ones that are hiding? You know; the fuzzy little creatures that lurk in the corners, under appliances, and in mechanical units? We don’t often think of…

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3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Repair Remodel Remediation Men at Work

3Rs Construction Management LLC Has A Fun New Video – Men at Work!

By 3Rs | March 9, 2017

3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon has a fun new video that gives you just a glimpse of the home construction services we provide. When you need home repair, remodel, or remediation, give us a call 503-363-1059 or use our handy contact form. Take a look at our video, “Men at Work” and then visit our…

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3Rs Construction Salem Oregon

Sump Pump Installation and Maintenance by 3Rs Construction Management LLC

By 3Rs | March 4, 2017

  Here’s a fun topic: Sump Pumps! Go ahead. Make a joke. It probably deserves one. It certainly doesn’t sound like something to get for your wife’s birthday. So, what IS a “sump” anyway? And why would it need a pump? Well, here is the dictionary version: Sump [suhmp] noun,  1. a pit, well, or…

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