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3R’s Tips for Transitioning from Winter to Spring

By 3Rs | April 25, 2012 |

Feeling cooped up inside your home?  Now is the time to tackle some indoor projects before it’s time to turn your attention to outside once the weather becomes more mild.…

Frozen Broken Pipe

3Rs Construction Broken Water Pipes 101

By 3Rs | December 14, 2011 |

Homeowners in Salem Oregon do not too often face the possibility of frozen pipes. Salem residents, located in both Marion and Polk Counties in the Willamette Valley are blessed with year…

3Rs Construction Mold Remediation

By 3Rs | October 13, 2011 |

Ventilation and remediating mold has become an ever growing concern for Salem, Oregon area residents. As home inspectors become more educated and homeowners more aware of the potential adverse health effects of high concentrations…

3Rs New Website is Now Live

By 3Rs | August 12, 2011 |

Welcome to our new website. We’re excited to continue to innovate our marketing and materials and provide better and more efficient ways to stay connected with you. We’re just getting…