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Americans spend an average of 600 hours in our bathrooms each year, translating to almost an entire month or approximately 98 minutes a day. If you're going to be spending so much time in a space, you want to make sure it's suited to your needs. Luckily, bathrooms are one of the most customizable spaces in your home, and there are many options, from fixtures and showers to tiling and lighting. We developed this guide to help you figure out what style of bathroom fits your needs and personal preferences so you have ideas for your bathroom renovation project.

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Essential fixtures and features for your bathroom remodel can include showers, bathtubs. sinks & vanities.

The Essentials: Fixtures and Features for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before we get to talking about overall aesthetics and bathroom styles that are perfect for you, we need to talk about the essentials of a bathroom. You're likely already familiar with WHY you use your bathroom, but here's a refresher on the key components that are essential for your bathroom remodel.

  • Showers & Bathtubs:

    Whether you're a quick shower person or love a luxurious bubble bath, your bathing habits will inform your shower and bathtub choice. If you're practical, you might choose a sleek and modern walk-in shower with frameless glass enclosures for a minimalist look. Alternatively, you might indulge in a luxurious, freestanding bathtub if you're like us.

  • Vanities and Sinks:

    Even if you're just washing your hands, you'll probably snag a look in the bathroom mirror — you definitely want something that reflects your personality. If you're a rugged outdoorsy time, opt for a rustic wooden vanity with a vessel sink for a touch of vintage charm. If you're a trendy professional looking for contemporary flair, go for a floating vanity with an under-mount sink.

Essential fixtures for your bathroom remodel include the toilet, tub, and sink.
  • Toilets:

    Arguably the centerpiece of any bathroom, the toilet doesn't have to be bland and uninviting. If you have a tiny bathroom, you might go for a wall-mounted toilet to create an illusion of space. You might also consider a modern, sleek design with concealed plumbing for a clean and polished look.

  • Bathroom Cabinetry:

    Both functional and a statement, bathroom cabinets are important to any bathroom remodel. You might embrace the ageless allure of shaker-style cabinets,  which offer versatility and elegance. Alternatively, if you're feeling bold, you might go with open shelving or glass-front cabinets to display your curated bathroom essentials.

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There are many Aesthetic decisions for you to make with your Bathroom remodel, flooring is just one of them.

Aesthetic Decisions for Your Bathroom

Once you've chosen key features of your bathroom that you know fit your lifestyle and needs, you can move on to more fun aesthetic decisions like wall treatment, flooring install options, and lighting! These elements not only contribute to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, but they also offer you the opportunity to really express your own personal style and taste. Whether you're someone who enjoys a timeless, elegant look or want something bold and contemporary, you'll need to spend time creatively cultivating. Here is some inspiration that will help you elevate your bathroom design to new heights!

There are many wall treatments to choose for your bathroom remodel, such as subway tiles or wainscoting.

Treat Yourself with Wall Treatments: 3 Timeless Ideas for Your Bathroom

From a simple coat of paint to intricate tiling, there are tons of ideas to add a splash of style to your bathroom. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Classic Subway Tiles:

    With clean lines and a timeless versatility, you cannot go wrong with classic white subway tiles on your bathroom wall. Plus, they blend with many styles, from vintage to modern.

  • Beadboard or Wainscoting:

    These classic decorative wall treatments add texture and character to your bathroom space, which creates a sophisticated and inviting ambiance.

  • Mosaic Artistry:

    For the bold and artistically inclined, mosaic tiles offering intricate patterns and designs are a great option. The craftsmanship alone will make your space feel timeless and unique.


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Finding your perfect color for your bathroom can be daunting. You can choose from neutral to monochrome colors.

Classic Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas that Fit Anyone's Style

Selecting the perfect color for your bathroom is a daunting task. Luckily, we have a few options that have stood the test of time.

A timeless blue color scheme in your bathroom evokes calm.
  • Neutral Serenity:

    Like a good foundation, a neutral color palette allows you to spice things up with your interior accessories. Plus, a neutral color palette is soft and serene. A neutral color palette includes shades like soft grays, calming beiges, and muted pastels.

  • Timeless Blues:

    Aqua and navy both evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. If you're someone who likes to decompress with a nice long bath, blue hues are an excellent choice that can easily complement your other bathroom design choices.

  • Elegant Monochrome:

    They say one is the loneliest number, but if you're escaping to the bathroom because it's the only place in the house you get privacy, that might not be bad. Whether it's all-white, shades of gray, or subtle variations of a single hue, a monochromatic color scheme is always a safe option.


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Timeless bathroom lighting for your remodel.

Timeless Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your Remodel

Lighting is often an overlooked piece of styling and decorating, but the right bathroom lights can totally change and enhance the vibe of your bathroom. Here are a few options for your next bathroom makeover that we know you'll love.

  • Classic Sconces:

    With tons of designs, wall sconces are an elegant blend that enhances both form and function. Plus, with so many options, you're sure to find something that pairs perfectly with your other ideas.

  • Statement Chandeliers:

    Chandeliers are the perfect statement piece to round out a boldly designed bathroom. Whether crystal-adorned or modern and sculptural, a chandelier adds an unmistakable flair to your bathroom.

  • Natural Light Embrace:

    For the minimalist, a bathroom with well-placed windows or skylights will have an abundance of natural light. Soft, natural light streaming through your bathroom windows is sure to enhance your other aesthetic decisions.

Embrace the natural light in your bathroom remodel.

After All That, Do You Know What Bathroom Style Suits You?

With all of these different bathroom and design options, your bathroom is truly a blank canvas — why not make sure every detail fits your personal style? If you're going to be spending a week of your life in the bathroom every year, it seems like a waste of time not to enjoy it.

Every design element contributes to crafting a bathroom that resonates with your style. But if you're feeling overwhelmed by the options, we'd love to help you build your dream bathroom! Contact 3Rs Construction today, your trusted shower remodeling and bathroom remodel contractor in Salem, OR.

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