4 Ideas for Your Bathroom Tub Shower Conversion

Let 3Rs Construction help with ideas for your bathroom tub shower conversion

A tub-to-shower conversion is one of the best remodeling projects you can do to improve your bathroom and your home in general. This type of upgrade will transform your bathroom so it is more modern and significantly improves the aesthetics.

Changing your bathtub into a walk-in shower will also make the bathroom more functional. Showers offer some major advantages over traditional bathtubs.

Any bathroom remodeling project includes investing money in your home and will take at least a few weeks to complete. So, you want to be sure that this upgrade from a tub to a shower is worth it.

Let’s take a look at why it may make a lot of sense for you to convert a tub into a shower.

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4 Major Benefits of a Tub Shower Conversion

These benefits will give you peace of mind that including a tub shower conversion as part of your bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment.

  • Conservation

    You probably already know that tubs require a lot of water to fill. The energy, water, and time to fill your tub translate into a big carbon footprint. Switching to a shower is an environmentally friendly alternative. When used with a water-saving shower head, a shower typically uses approximately two gallons of water every minute. A tub fills up at around 36 gallons. A 10-minute shower will consume around 20 gallons of water.

  • Health

    A bath has the potential to strip your skin of the natural, protective oils that it produces. In contrast, a shower exerts light pressure and provides necessary hygiene without soaking off important skin nutrients. Also, showers are better for cleansing your body and eliminating bacteria and dirt.

  • Safety

    For people of all ages, showers are safer than bathtubs. Showers are much easier to get in and out of. Conversely, tubs can be quite challenging to climb in and out of, especially for older people. It is significantly easier to take a short step into and out of a shower than to step over the lip of a tub. Showers can be made even safer with shower seats and safety bars.

  • Space

    Tubs take considerably more space in a bathroom than a shower. However, showers create more expansive walking space, along with a more open feel and a much bigger bathing area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much greater space a tub shower conversion provides.

Now let’s look at four inspiring bathroom ideas for a tub shower conversion.

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1) Optimize Space and Bring in Natural Light

When you convert a tub into a shower, you substantially increase the beauty and functionality of your bathroom. You also are maximizing space, as a bathtub can be a space hog. It is especially ideal for optimizing space if you have a small bathroom. So, get rid of the tub and install a spacious shower instead.

With the right placement of the shower, combined with the sunlight streaming in through a nearby window, it can create the illusion of more space in your bathroom. The placement of bathroom lights in your remodel will also enhance your space.

2) Add in Multiple Showerheads

Why not take advantage of a tub shower conversion by transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience? You can do this if your shower is big enough to fit two showerheads comfortably.

How about creating a luxurious feel by adding dual rain showerheads?

The goal here is to luxuriate yourself with this bathroom renovation by having fun with the number and types of showerheads you install.

Multiple shower heads in your shower tub conversion is a luxury.


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3) Install a Walk-In Shower to Allow for Aging In Place in Your Salem Home

As we all get older, we become more focused on the practical aspects and features of the bathroom. And that especially pertains to the safety of a tub versus a shower. For example, we will evaluate the major differences between a walk-in shower and a high tub when it comes to safe access. This is an essential bathroom design feature – a shower versus a tub -- for people with limited mobility. There are many people who want to live in their Salem homes during their retirement years, and they will typically prefer a walk-in shower over a bathtub.

You can exhibit stunning style coupled with easy accessibility depending on your choices for tile and design with your walk-in shower. For example, you might opt for a beautiful, blue-tiled shower. You can have the shower floor nearly flush with the ground, which allows for an easy entrance and exit.

Remodel your bathroom with a walk in shower for safety.

4) Consider a Pivot Frameless Shower

Pivot doors offer a unique advantage in that they swing in and out. They give you various options that depend on the configuration of your bathroom. These versatile shower doors – including ones that are step-up showers – also are extremely safe – especially compared with bathtubs, as they substantially reduce the risk of accidents.

You could enhance the style of your walk-in shower by opting for marble shower walls and flooring, for example. You can also upgrade fixtures to enhance the style of your renovated bathroom.

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A Tub Shower Conversion May be the Right Bathroom Remodel for You

Converting your tub into a walk-in shower can take your bathroom to the next level. It offers numerous advantages that exceed mere aesthetics. Take this step to a customized oasis and enjoy a revitalized bathroom that will cater to your highest standards and meet your personal needs.

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