Hiring the Best Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Hire the best bathroom remodel contractor in Salem

A bathroom remodel may be one of the most satisfying home improvement projects there is. If the remodel is done competently, it will bring about a whole new aesthetic quality, improve functionality, and boost your home's resale value. What's more, remodeling your bathroom could immediately impact your quality of life and instantly elevate your home's resale value.

For most of us, a bathroom remodel is way beyond our scope of expertise. It can require a lot of skilled work and should not be left to an amateur. There is a lot riding on this remodel when it comes to increasing the worth of your home or done improperly, decreasing your home value.

This home improvement project is an investment that you will want to consider wisely.

In order to ensure this home improvement job is done right, you'll want to hire a professional contractor. Your Contractor should be able to see your project through to a successful completion.


There are many decisions that need to be made when remodeling a bathroom. 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is here to help as your trusted contractor in Salem, Oregon.


Traits to Look for in a Competent Contractor

When it comes to searching for an excellent contractor who is affordable, competent, and dependable, you want to look for the following qualities:

  • Good Communicator
  • Sound Planner
  • Problem Solver
  • Project Manager
  • Thorough
  • Detail Oriented

Your home improvement contractor needs to understand your vision and assemble a team of highly skilled professionals to execute a bathroom remodel within the agreed-upon time-frame while meeting your budget requirements.

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8 Tips for Hiring an Excellent Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Bathroom Remodeling Plan

1) Begin with a Coherent Plan

Prior to even calling contractors, you need to take time to consider ideas for your bathroom redo. Figure out your goals for this home improvement project, and determine what specific aesthetic and design features you want. You should initially establish a project budget and plan with a well-thought-out timeline.

You need to consider all aspects of your bathroom remodel. For example, contractors are hired specifically for demolition, structural repairs, and installation. If your project is more complex and could involve engineering elements like reconfiguring or removing walls, you may need the services of a licensed engineer.

2) Get Estimates in Writing

Just assume verbal estimates are not worth anything. Instead of being subject to misinterpretations or forgotten numbers, request everything in writing to ensure both parties have good intentions. Read these estimates carefully. Each quote must include everything you are expecting; if it is not in the contract, you should not plan on receiving it. If the Contractor does not offer to provide a written contract on their own, you should continue looking. All contractors in Oregon are required to provide a contract and certain explainer legal documents for any job over $2,000.00

Any type of bathroom remodeling contract should include the following:

  • Payment Schedule
  • Scope of Work
  • Total Project Price
  • Description of Project
  • Specific materials needed, selection from the homeowners, and material allowances if applicable.

3) Verify the Contractor is able and experienced in this kind of work

Don't draw up the contract until the Contractor spells out in detail what exactly they will do with respect to your bathroom remodel. For example, your Contractor will perform a specific roster of activities and have the required materials.

You can expect that your Contractor will provide you with a wide range of defined, smaller sub-projects for the bathroom remodel project.

Do your homework before setting the appointment to see what reviews and social posts have to say. No one can make everyone happy, but if there is a clear pattern of compliments or complaints in the posted reviews, there is truth in the average of the combined responses.

You want to feel comfortable that your Contractor can be trusted with this project in your home. Remember, Trust is a two-way street. The Contractor is also trusting you to fulfill your portion of the contract. While most contractors are good people, there is always a bad apple in the bunch.


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Best Bathroom Remodel Contractor in Salem
Hire Bathroom Remodel Contractor

4) Examine the Contractor's Past Work

You can expect a contractor to have examples of their work posted on their website; however, those photos may be examples of the type of work and not actual projects. It's OK to ask to see pictures, but you should know it's hard to capture a good project in a picture without professional help, and most contractors are not moonlighting as photographers. Reviews and recommendations will give you the best picture of what you can expect. Trust your gut. Not everyone is going to tell you the truth, it's not right, but it happens every day. If you are not sure you are being heard, keep looking.

5) Confirm Licenses and Credentials

There is no room for error here. Any bathroom remodel Contractor you might hire must possess the proper licenses and relevant credentials for the job. Their licensure means that a contractor is mandated to adhere to requirements such as insurance, bonding, criminal record checks, testing, continued education, etc.

6) Conduct Phone Interviews

Once you have narrowed your contractor prospect list to two or three, you would be wise to hold phone interviews with each of them. You'll want to provide them with a short overview of your bathroom remodel and ask them questions about their company.

Among the questions, you should pose to a contractor during a phone interview are the following:

  • Is your company licensed and insured? – The CCB license is required to be clearly posted on all official paperwork, signage, and even vehicles. The Contractor's board monitors all of the rest of the requirements for insurance, bond, etc. a quick check on the CCB website will let you know if your Contractor is legit.
  • What are your payment expectations?
  • When can you start?
  • How long should this project take to complete?
  • Can I have some references from similar projects you have done recently?
  • Will your employees or subcontractors be working on this project?
  • Do you have employees who have been certified in remodeling, or have they received special training or education?

After the phone interviews have been completed, schedule an on-site visit with the Contractor.

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Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Salem, OR

7) Conduct Thorough Site Visits

You will want to give the Contractor your detailed bathroom remodel project plan during your site visit. It is helpful to you to provide them with as much information as possible. This information should include brand styles, materials, color, and other choices you have made for this home remodeling project.

The recommended elements you present in an on-site visit are your bathroom design, budget, fixture types, placement of electrical components, tile, countertop, and flooring brands and materials.

8) Verify Your Expectations

Do not sign a contract with a contractor until both parties agree on the date the bathroom remodel will start and a timeline for the general duration of the project. The scheduling of work is one of the most important aspects of the bathroom remodeling process.

Look to 3Rs Construction & Remodeling for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom in Salem, we invite you to place your Trust in 3Rs Construction & Remodeling to do it well, on budget, and within your timeframe.

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