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Twelve Fantastic Bathroom Trends You'll Love!


If there’s one thing you can count on with bathroom trends, it’s that they’re always changing.

Just step into a mustard-yellow 1970s restroom to see how true this is! Since what was hot a few years ago may not be popular any longer, it always pays when savvy designers, contractors, and homeowners keep up with the industry’s latest developments. This way, you can make updates that reflect the current pulse of the market and have the widest appeal.

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So, what’s fashionable? Whether you’re an interior designer, a DIY remodeler, or a homeowner interested in boosting a bathroom’s charm, here are some trends worth noting:

Free standing bathroom sink 3Rs Construction

1 - Free-Standing Vanities and Sinks

If you want to be on-trend, skip the heavy, built-in vanity. Instead, opt for one that stands on its own. Made to look expensive and proven to stand the test of time, these hip sink pieces are a great way to increase the value of a home.

Large Soaking Tubs 3Rs Construction

2 - Big Soaking Tubs

Free-standing tubs have been popular for decades, but current trends indicate a push toward deep soaking tubs that offer the ultimate in bath time luxury.

Bathroom Waterfall Shower 3Rs Construction

3 - Waterfall Showers

There’s no reason indulgence has to stop at the tub. Showers can also become a little more fun with waterfall showerheads.

Bathroom Grey Tones 3Rs Construction

4 - Gray Tones

Neutrals are always in high demand, but today gray remains as one of the most beloved color families for bathrooms. Seen as timeless and sophisticated, gray tones are easy to coordinate with other colors and give an automatic impression of elegance.

Bathroom Brass Fixture 3Rs Construction

5 - Brass Fixtures

Luxurious and eye-catching, brass is popping up everywhere in bathroom designs — on faucets, around mirrors, in light fixtures and more. Go with brass to tap into this bold and beautiful look for your own space.

Matte Black Fixture Bathroom 3Rs Construction

6 - Matte Black Fixtures

Another trendy fixture option is matte black. It looks clean and minimal, coordinates easily with other design choices and doesn’t immediately show dirt or dust. One more bonus: most matte black materials are not easily permeable. Explore faucets, freestanding tubs, tile and more to spice up your restroom.

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7 - Heated Floors

In keeping with the luxurious and spa-like bathroom movement, heated floors are becoming increasingly popular. It’s hard to think of anything more comforting than stepping on warm floors on a cold day.


8 - A Built-In Sound System

Being able to listen to music while you shower can be a huge asset. Trending now are waterproof speakers added around the bathroom, offered at moderately affordable rates.


9 - Energy-Efficient Features

It only makes sense that energy-efficient lights and appliances are trending, as they both prevent waste and lower energy costs. Explore light bulbs that use significantly less power and last twice as long as traditional bulbs. Shop around for water-efficient toilets that reduce the amount of water consumed, helping you save on the water bill.

Living Plants in Bathroom 3Rs Construction

10 - Living Plants

In a space traditionally filled with hard surfaces, plant life can have a wonderfully softening effect. Add a touch of green by placing a humidity-loving potted plant on the windowsill or finding a low-light option to keep on the counter.

Bathroom Tile 3Rs Construction

11 - Uniquely Shaped Tile

Rectangular may be classic, but when you want something with a little more wow factor, shaped tiles are the way to go. Think hexagons or scallops to take advantage of some of the most popular looks today.

Bathroom wood Accents 3Rs Construction

12 - Wood Accents

Warming up modern bathrooms, wood tones are easy to coordinate with numerous design aesthetics. They’re also available in various styles and shades.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or upgrade, why not take advantage of modern trends to make the change especially beneficial? The dozen ideas above are a great place to start. Get inspired with what might work well in your particular space!

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