8 Ways A New Bathroom Can Save Your Marriage

8 Ways A New Bathroom Can Save Your Marriage

Bathroom Technology is Booming!

We live in a time where technology is finally practical and there are useful applications all throughout our homes, butt, ( yes I spelled it that way on purpose) there is one room that has been overlooked for years and now we are finding that a well-designed bathroom can have a profound impact on  your relationships.

Let's face it, the bathroom is the 1st place you see in the morning and the last place you see before slipping in between the sheets. A well-designed bathroom will relax your mind, calm your spirit, and improve your mood. What other space in your home can have a bigger influence on your attitude than starting and ending the day in a good mood.

Now with distance learning having a private quiet place to retreat is more important than ever!

Here are 8 ways to improve your marriage (and life) with bathroom technology.

1.  Lighting

We all know proper lighting is essential to putting on make-up, and helpful with good grooming habits but research has shown that light (chromotherapy) color and intensity and aromatherapy can significantly impact our mood. New bathroom technology can give you control over your sense of sight and smell by letting you adjust the amount soothing aroma and the color of the lights in the shower, bath, over the makeup mirror.  They can be activated with motion or voice commands. We found a cordless make-up mirror that will turn on when you look in it, and emits natural light with amazing accuracy.


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2. Floors

Gone are the old ugly vinyl and cold tile floors. Today you can have hundreds of colors, floors made waterproof materials that can be heated and are programmable to be ready to greet your cold sleepy feet with a warm good morning embrace. You can even keep those floors shiny with the latest in robotic cleaners.

Bathroom Floors with 3Rs Construction

3. Vanities

Vanities are available with warming countertops, fog free mirrors, motion activated night lights, Bluetooth speakers, and even smart mirrors with digital displays to watch a show, see the news, or see who is at the front door. You can keep you medicines or beverages in a cooling drawer or ad a warming drawer for your towels, socks, t-shirts, or pajamas.

3Rs Construction has 8 ways to update bathroom with smart mirrors

4. Toilets

Toilets are now worthy to be called the “throne”. Hi tech toilets can recognize the user, remember your habits, pre-heat the seat, raise and lower the lid, they come equipped with a built in bides, and an automatic dryer with a night light. These bad boys do everything but clean themselves… no wait, they do that too including a little shot of air freshener as needed.

3Rs Construction has 8 ways to update bathroom with fancy toilets

5. Showers

Showers started their evolution with curved shower rods that gave us more room and less frustration with cold wet shower curtains sticking to our backsides or hips as we try to turn around and rinse areas not currently getting any water. From there things have gotten crazy, now you can have water jets preprogrammed to spray where-ever and what-ever temperature you want to set it at. There are built in speakers and lighting packages including waterproof TV screens, and for ultimate comfort you can install steam jets and enjoy a steam shower to relax your muscles and open your pores.

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6. Sound Barriers

If you are looking for privacy, new sound canceling tech and insulation barriers will keep the rest of the world from knowing your business and give you the tranquility you can’t find any-where else in your home. Even the bath fans have evolved, not only are they quiet, I mean “really quiet”, but they can tell by the humidity in the air when they need to turn on and off by themselves.

7. Towel Warmers

Other little gems are towel warmers, you can get racks, that blow heat over the towel while you shower, countertop units you drop your towel in, and built in pull out drawers that keep everything out of sight and warmed up- just right!

8. Speakers

If good classic music or jazz helps you relax you can get almost any bathroom appliance with Bluetooth speakers. Shower heads, bath fans, toilets, mirrors, or high-fidelity wall mounted units that will complement the décor and give you the best sound your bathroom has ever produced.

3Rs Construction has 8 ways to update bathroom with towel warmer

...and more!

Other winners are curbless or walk in showers, linear floor drains and automatic floor cleaning bots.


If you want to improve things at home, there is no better place to start than the bathroom. Whether you are on a budget and need to start small or you want to create the luxurious space someone in your home has been dreaming about, give 3Rs Construction & Remodeling a call, 503-363-1059. We will help you select the features and design that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

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Photos taken at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas 2020 by 3Rs Construction

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